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Found 33 results

  1. Looking at the Tippit Case from a Different Angle A Theory by Staffan H Westerberg and Pete Engwall The killing of Dallas police officer JD Tippit is one of the undying questions in the JFK research community. To think one could solve the murder is perhaps a bit optimistic after all these years. Tippits death has always been surrounded with mystery and disinformation: Did a jealous husband kill him, or was it a random killing that happened by accident? JD Tippit as a narcotics dealer or a getaway driver for Oswald to the Red Bird Airport? The murder on 10th and Patton is not short of theories, but we think that the Dallas policeman had an important function that day – he was scheduled to die with the sole purpose of becoming the vehicle with which JFK’s killer was to be caught. As it were, before Tippits death the Dallas Police didn’t have any hard evidence to be able to explain to the American people how they were able to arrest Oswald for the murder of the President. Read more
  2. Please visit my new AssassinationOfJFK.net YouTube Channel and subscribe. There are already dozens of YouTubes uploaded there and more are being added all the time. Here's a sample of what you can find there:
  3. Psychologist Steve Kossor's excellent article: Emotional Memories is now posted on my website. I highly recommend it. [Author’s note: I’m offering this essay about the practical and psychological roots of the 11/22/63 coup that gave us the government and corporate-intelligence establishment that has continued to exploit and despoil worldwide human and material resources with relentless vigor. I suggest that we have an obligation to future generations to offer advice and potential solutions that may enable them to recover from the institutionalization of corporate and intelligence interests within the American government. I’m offering my suggestions to help find a way out of the climate of fear that has been nurtured in us by those entities. If we don’t move beyond the search for truth in the Kennedy assassination and also do whatever we can to encourage future generations to hope for and work toward a future free of covert NSA, CIA and corporate-intelligence manipulations, we will expire without having accomplished more than documenting the horror that has befallen us. — Steve Kossor]
  4. The Warren Report 50 Years Later A Critical Approach In September of 2014 the JFK Historical Group hosted a conference outside of Washington, DC where select researchers were invited to evaluate the Warren Report on the 50th anniversary of its release. The presentations were filmed and are available on DVD (7 DVD's in all). They are of very high quality and can be ordered through the JFK Historical Group's website. I wrote a short article on my website and have made my presentation available for viewing on YouTube. The DVD version does not have the counter running at the bottom and can be played on any DVD player. Assassination of JFK: Assimilating the Anguish Presented by Greg Burnham September 27, 2014 Crowne Plaza Hotel Alexandria, VA
  5. Notwithstanding Hemming's CIA 201 File, he was telling the truth. Gerry Patrick Hemming was never stationed at Atsugi, Japan.
  6. I will be giving a presentation at one of two conferences in Washington, D.C. at the end of the month. The topic of my talk will be: The JFK Assassination: Assimilating the Anguish Click for more details.
  7. Click here or on image below to read more from Doug Horne's latest article on the limo stop.
  8. In 2000, I was in pursuit of identifying the suited individual who is pictured crouching on the south side of Elm Street next to Buddy Walthers and a uniformed Dallas Police Department Supervisor (as evidenced by the white cap) at approximately 12:40 pm, just ten minutes after the shots were fired. The man appears to be picking up an object from the grass. The object allegedly was a spent .45 caliber slug. My late friend, a retired Officer from the Criminal Intelligence Section of the Dallas Police Department, J. Harrison, referred me to another retired Dallas PD Officer: Gerald Hill. J told me, “Hill probably knows who the guy is. He knows more about this case than almost anyone because he was everywhere that day, but he won’t talk to anybody about it anymore. I’ll tell him to talk to you.” And so he did talk to me. Article and audio interview on my main website. Gerald Hill held great disdain, nor for JFK, but for Lyndon Johnson. “It’s a dang shame [LBJ] wasn’t a target…’cause he was an obnoxious, sorry, no good politician.” -- from interview with Gerald Hill
  9. I have published a new article on my main website titled: Umbrella Man and the Two Altered Photos by researcher, Karen Clift. The author offers an interesting analysis of the evidence discussed. As always, I caution against drawing firm conclusions based on analyzing fuzzy/blurry images viewed in a web browser. DISCLAIMER: My publishing this article should not be construed as an endorsement of all of the conclusions reached by the author. It is published for research and peer review purposes only. A discussion of the content was begun on my Forum.
  10. There is a new article and audio interview on my main site. In this conversation Gerry Hemming discusses with researcher, Greg Burnham, the details surrounding the Military Intelligence briefing that he and his team attended in preparation for the President's visit to Miami. At the time of this conversation (1998) Hemming still remained very angry about this briefing--even though it was now 35 years after the fact.
  11. [paraphrased] Article and audio interview: "Dick Billings (Life Magazine) gave me the Minox camera that I gave to Eduardo Perez (Bayo) that turned up in Oswald's room."
  12. In this conversation Gerry describes his various relationships with persons to whom he was directed in the hope of raising support (funds) for continued anti-Castro operations. In 1961, Gerry approached Congressman John Rousellot, (R-CA) to garner support. The congressman suggested Gerry visit Robert Morris, who was close to Harold Lafayette Hunt. Morris, in turn, sent Gerry to Lester Loge. Part of this process involved gaining support in small chunks, one influential individual at a time and, like a snowball, it can eventually gain enough momentum to sustain itself. Gerry reveals some of the names associated with QJ/Win, WI/Rogue, and various other operations. He recalls the days when anti-Castro Cubans were reporting back during meals "around the camp fire" on the whereabouts of CIA agent, Charles Kane, and the goings-on at Elliot Key and Jewfish Creek while the Cubans were training for more anti-Castro operations with Brad Ayers. Gerry also dismisses AJ Weberman’s reportage and methods in a very caustic, but sarcastically humorous, manner. My laughter at his slur toward Weberman was spontaneous as I found the “nothing but a book reader” characterization of AJ apropos. However, my reaction should not be construed as condoning bigotry in any form. Truth be told, it was feigned by Hemming, as well. He wasn’t a bigot. It was merely a part of his bravado when he was expressing disdain. [WARNING: Strong language]
  13. Audio interview: Gerry Patrick Hemming discusses Gary Powers' U2 Flight with Greg Burnham Includes information from Fletcher Prouty...
  14. I have a new article up on my website featuring several clips from conversations I had with my late fiend, Sherman Skolnick. Among other things, Sherman describes his relationship to judges and retired intelligence operatives, including Secret Service agents; explains why Kennedy was a threat, cites JFK's ushering in the "age of the common man" as central to the assassination of JFK; and discusses the origins of the book, Farewell America. There are currently three clips uploaded and I will be adding more in the days to come.
  15. I have added a New Category dedicated to the life and death of John F. Kennedy, Jr. to my Forum. Scott Myers and I did a lot of work immediately following the death of John Jr. as did John DiNardo. I worked extensively with my late friend, Sherman Skolnick, as well. Scott has begun the long process of re-encoding the work done some 15 years ago in which nearly ALL of the various news reports are laid out for comparison, showing major inconsistencies in the "official" story. Please post responsibly.
  16. Rare interview with Ed Lansdale regarding Vietnam issues on AssassinationOfJFK.net YouTube Channel.
  17. John details his experiences as a youngster growing up in a "Pentagon Family" as well as his involvement in demonstrations outside of the Pentagon. He describes his observations of security measures in place in the 50's when he was a child and teenager while visiting the Pentagon with his parents who worked there. He talks in depth about his experiences on September 11th during the attacks and much more. The Pentagon According to John Judge YouTube
  18. This 4 part interview is approximately 2 hours in length. The normal constraints imposed by time limitations, typical of conferences, were suspended. Len allowed me sufficient time to describe these events in more detail than I've ever been afforded in the past (121 minutes versus 20 minutes). AssassinationOfJFK.net -- The Bay of Pigs: Details
  19. 53 years ago today an attempted coup was launched against Fidel Castro in Cuba. Due to sabotage it failed miserably. The history of the fiasco was later contrived, pivotal events were fabricated, blame for the failure was misdirected, and false co-conspirator patsies (anti-Castro Cubans) were created for use as suspects for the Crime of the Century 2.5 years later in Dallas. Today we know that JFK did not promise direct US military support of any kind including US jet air cover (see documents). Indeed, he specifically made it clear that none would be forthcoming. I did a presentation on the Sabotage at the Bay of Pigs for John Judge and COPA last year for the 50th Anniversary. The PowerPoint of that presentation can be downloaded at this link. The entire "Sabotage at the Bay of Pigs" presentation is on my YouTube Channel, including "A Revolution of Mind" and can be viewed below:
  20. The Silence of the Historians is an essay written by David Mantik. It is among my favorite works on the subject. While many of us can easily see the lack of courage being displayed by members of the media who conveniently fail to report news items that even though are relevant to the public interest somehow conflict with their relationship with "the powers that be" -- we don't seem to hold the historians to that same standard. But we should.
  21. The following audio recording of a telephonic conversation between me and Gerry Patrick Hemming is nearly 25 minutes in length. Gerry and I touch on various topics and characters of interest. Gerry Patrick Hemming: "We’d have been left dead and bleeding on the tarmac right at the foot of the stairs to Air Force One”.
  22. Exclusive from AssassinationOfJFK.net ----------------------------------------------------------------- JFK Skull X-Rays: Evidence of Forgery by David Mantik, M.D., Ph.D. This power point presentation, details the reasons the autopsy x-rays of President Kennedy’s skull, the x-rays that are now a part of public record, are a forgery. This presentation was put together by Dr. David Mantik, a Founding Member of the AssassinationOfJFK.net Research Forum. Dr. Mantik has also added a correction to his initial presentation. It is available below the PowerPoint, in the form of a PDF document that you can either view here online or download for your convenience. After looking through his presentation, you are invited to leave a comment here or on the AssassinationOfJFK.net Research Forum.
  23. AssassinationOfJFK.net offers this candid, casual (somewhat humorous) conversation between Gerry Patrick Hemming and Greg Burnham. In it Gerry recalls a conversation with Che Guevara from 1960 in which he informs Che how under-supplied his (Gerry’s) team of aviation students was and how necessary reinforcements were. He describes the low security with which he was faced in those days. Gerry Hemming also identifies the location of an airfield that could have been used by the invading force during the Bay of Pigs had the operation been planned properly. I enjoyed a relaxed relationship with Gerry. It lent itself to a conversational type of exchange rather than an adversarial one. It also disarmed Gerry because he didn't feel the need to constantly be vigilant. When his guard was down, he was a fountain of information.
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