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Found 1 result

  1. This thread aims to analyse the locations of two ladies, Sarah Stanton and Pauline Sanders, on the top landing of the Depository doorway. One of the findings presented here was posted earlier in “Oswald leaving TSBS?” thread on November 10, 2017. However, I have added some more research since, and amended few details mentioned in the original post. Therefore, I start with the finding of a short lady in the east part of the doorway which was first mentioned in the main Prayer Man thread on November 10, 2017. You can read a more detailed account of this research on my blog: https://thejfktruthmatters.wordpress.com/ The short lady who stood on the top landing can be seen towards the end of Darnell film in frame #20130908-003922: The next figure presents a zoomed and enhanced view of the person standing in the east part of the doorway. This picture was first posted in "Oswald leaving TSBD?" thread last November. The presence of the lady is obvious from the enlarged picture. It was a short person, a Caucasian, and stood in the shadow and very close to the glass door. The body height of this person was estimated by aligning Darnell still #20130908-003922 with a 3D model of the doorway made in Sketchup program. The dimensions of the doorway in the model rely on measured dimensions of the doorway except for the depth of the doorway. The depth of the doorway was set to 3’8’’ in this analysis. The next figure shows the alignment of the doorway with the 3D models with all occupants included. It is an overlay of the original Darnell still and the 3D model at a blending of 75%. After aligning Darnell still and the model, it is possible to measure the body heights of all figures. This is what the next figure shows. It is a zoomed view of the doorway with four manikins representing Prayer Man, Buell Wesley Frazier, Bill Shelley and the unknown person. The newly disclosed person measured 4’11’’ and it could only be a woman, actually a woman of sub-average body height. The average body height of women born in the 20th of last century would be 63’’. The average body height of men born in the 20th of the last century (measured in 1963) was 68’’. Thus, the person seen in Darnell’s still was a woman, a quite a short woman.
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