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James Richards

Honest Joe?

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This doc appears to bring some new information on Honest Joe's truck by a witness named Mrs. **** Moore. She says the truck had Jack Ruby's name on it as well.



Present are:

Mrs. Anna Ruth Moore.

Mr. Huey Moors

And investigators:

Mr. Al Maxwell

Clarence Daly



Mr. Maxwell: did you see the car?

Mrs. Moore: Yes, I did.

Mr. Maxwell: what did the car do  redact  what you saw?

Mrs. M.: Well, at the time Elm Street was a two-way street so it came down Elm Street going towards the book depository. It was driving real slow. Now, we couldn't see the car while it was in front of us, but when it came down to the side where we were looking out the side window, you could see this car. It was a black truck and it had lots of writing on it in the truck had "Jack Ruby and Honest Joe" and I remember saying to one of my coworkers: "What in the world is Honesr Joe doing out in the middle of the street in a time like this?"

Mr. M.: And it also had "Jack Ruby" on it?

Mrs. Moore: yeah, it had "Jack Ruby" written on there and "Honest Joe" and we thought, I said, "Well that must be the same person."


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Posted (edited)

I have not read the obave doc in full yet, but why was this both discovered and kept classified by the HSCA? It's not an FBI doc or a a CIA doc.  The HSCA is apparently the controlling authority. I don't get it.

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