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Nick Falk

Internet Radio

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Copy of my posting in the science area

I have had this idea that the next vehicle for schools publicising themselves to their local community should be an Internet radio station. Most schools have a website that provides information to parents and students about the running of the school and the curriculum on offer. Some have started to create of a digital curriculum and have students creating their learning material.

Could this be supplemented by a schools own web radio?

Is Internet radio 'an untapped treasure' as recently suggested by Glenys Hart in the December edition of Educational Computing and Technology?

I have been encouraging teacher in my own school to consider the potential of in-house Internet radio programmes being made available to students and learners in the local community.

Here is an Internet radio station which I have been running fo a few years. Not geared to the curriculum


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Could be a good idea.

Using Internet radio and Internet TV is more or less established practice in MFL. Personally, however, I prefer digital TV and satellite TV – it’s a lot clearer and I can watch it in the comfort of an armchair instead of sitting upright two feet away from a computer screen.

Kidon is a useful source of information on international media of all sorts:


Sunset Radio offers links to Internet radio stations all around the world. Foreign language broadcasts and some great music stations too: http://www.sunsetradio.com

Adodoc is a collection of exercises and activities centred on French radio and TV broadcasts: http://www.adodoc.net

You can even keep up your Latin by listening to and reading the news. This is the website of the Finnish radio station that broadcasts in Latin and maintains a Latin language website with news reports http://www.yleradio1.fi/tiede/nuntii - plus an active discussion list.

I have a few other Internet TV links listed at:


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