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William Kelly

Tripoli Harbor

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Birds Eye View of Tripoli Harbor and American Naval Grave Sites

An article in the Cleveland Plane Dealer says that the original grave site is "lost to history."


But its location has been long known - 720 feet south, souteast of the old Red Castle Fort in Green Square. Five of the remains of the 13 officers and men of the USS Intrepid were reburied by the Italians in the 1930s at Old Protestant Cemetery, about one mile east.

This satellite view shows both the triangular port area next to the old Protestant cemetery square to the right, and the area by the Red Castle fort and Green Square to the left, just next to the large park and water pool along Al Fat’h Street.


Below is a scene of the area at the edge of the harbor where a triangular point, that looks like the Space Shuttle wing, points to the location of the old Protestant Cemetery, a small square walled court yard sandwiched between the main coastal hightway and Al Fat’h Street.


This is a closer look at the area just south of the triangular point at the harbor’s edge, where you can clearly see the small, perfectly square area between the double coastal highway and Al Fat’h Street. The small square is surrounded by pink sand and what looks like blue sand traps on a golf course.


View of the Old Protestant Cemetery from the ground:



This is the area just to the east of the Red Castle fort, Green Square, the rectangular parking area, and the large park next to the harbor waterfront. The original grave site is probably in this park area, and can easily be located by someone on the ground.


For more background see:


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Memorial Day at the Graves of American Sailors in Tripoli, 2010

Remember the Intrepid

Recent Philadelphia Inquirer Article: Remember the Intrepid: Philadelphia Inquirer Article

Washington Post: Remember the Intrepid: Simon Denyer in Tripoli and Washington Post

Washington Times: Remember the Intrepid: Repatriate Earliest Navy SEALs

Latest update. The Somers and Wadsworth families, the civic leaders of Somers Point, NJ and Somers, NY, the New Jersey state legislature, the House of Representatives, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion veterans organizations and most of the US Senate have endorsed the resolution calling for the repatriation of the remains of the US sailors from their unmarked, mass graves in Tripoli's Martyrs Square.

But the US Navy brass and one US Senator - John McCain (R. Az) opposes, and there's another battle on.

Remember the Intrepid

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