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Gil Jesus


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A well put agrument imo. The bit where i get a doubt is one that arises from the use of inside lights in a car. Were cars then equipped with interior roof lights that click on manually or when the doors open?

John I beleive that the interior lights worked on cars back then when the doors opened. We had a 1953 Oldsmobile 88 whose interior lights would go on when the door was open or ajar.

Whether or not the interior light on Frazier's car worked or not I guess is speculative.

Added info:

On some of those old 4-door cars, the interior lights only worked with the front doors.

Whether or not that was true with the '54 Chevy, I don't remember.

I'm in the process of trying to find that out.

Our '53 Olds was a 2-door.

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Ok, Gill, then that's a thing to look into. Perhaps she knew by habit the cars lovation and hoe the light would shine depending on which door was opened so in a sense she could have seen I suppose and mixed with deduction.

I wonder how a still in box set of window curtains looked then?

Were only Holmes, Fritz and Oswald peresnt at that time?

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