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Susan Wilde

Language in Society AS

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I can take no credit for this idea, either, I feel like a messanger gal:

Emma (from the lovely, but ephemeral, Lang List email crowd) posted this neat idea:

I was in Starbucks at the weekend and 'borrowed' multiple copies of their leaflet 'Commitment to Origins' to use in lessons.  It is presented as information but a lot of the linguistic features suggest advertising and manipulation of the reader... It makes quite a good one off lesson;

I liked the idea of using original material instead of photocopies

indeed, so do I - I have accumulated a box of leaflets and clippings over the years, and even as I type my dahling stoodents are beavering away on different / random "real" texts with a view to presentations to the class on "what I have learned about writing to inform / persuade / instruct" ... as style models for coursework ideas...

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