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By posting this here rather than in a PM to John or one of the other admins. indicates what he really wants is attention. Drago pulled similar stunts.

That is absurd. You are basically calling Scott a xxxx. And when Charles Drago asked to be deleted he was also truthful. Just in case you did not notice he has been GONE ever since. A very odd way to seek "attention" at the Ed. Forum.

I find it interesting that you are suddenly all over the JFK assassination debate


I met a guy in the late 80s who claimed to have seen the Sex Pistols play Madison Square Garden, I didn't call him a xxxx but the English group (at that point) had never played in or any where near NYC nor had they even been scheduled to. I just sent John S. e-mails via the forum and my normal e-mail service, he got bot my messages and said nothing about having had trouble with his e-mail in the last few days.

As for Drago he threatened to leave a few times before finally blessing us with his absence. Even after his 'last goodbye' he didn't really stay away as he came back to plug the DPF and respond to his critics.

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