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Steve Knight

Apollo 11's 1st Stage Engines found!

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Better than that!

Imagine where we'd be without Christianity suppressing science for 500 years!

If only the Shuttle had survived all the design compromises, too :(

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This was posted in Apollohoax.net this morning


Since their recovery, conservationists at the Cosmosphere International SciEd Center and Space Museum have been hard at work preserving the machines.

“We were able to identify part numbers and serial numbers as we got deeper into the treatment process,” Remar said. “There was a stencil painted on one of the Apollo 12 thrust chambers that was still visible, so we were able to identify that via the stencil. But other components were [discerned by] finding the part number and serial number.”

Additionally, they discovered that they had recovered “a thrust chamber, a liquid oxygen (LOX) dome and injector plate, a turbo pump and a heat exchanger from Apollo 11,” as well as “two thrust chambers and a LOX dome with an injector plate from Apollo 12 and a heat exchanger, a turbine and inlet manifold from Apollo 16.” The conservators also believe that they have some parts from Apollo 13.

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