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Yiren Cai

A leading forms-processing software for tests

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PC OMR is a leading Windows based forms-processing software package for tests and surveys. It is an intelligent testing tool to capture and store data on paper forms. PC OMR provides many test forms for you to choose and allow you to use different test forms in a test to prevent cheat. You can print them on your printer, scan and recognize data with imaging equipment (image scanner, digital camera, PC camera, web camera, or digital vidicon) and then analyze the data or export the data to MS-Excel! It's that easy!

The testing software works in conjunction with an imaging equipment (image scanner, digital camera, PC camera, web camera, or digital vidicon) to collect the data. It saves valuable teacher time with this powerful tool for quickly and easily scoring district and classroom tests.

Acquiring a Test Form in 1 second with digital Camera (or PC Camera).

Acquiring a Test Form in 10 second with a plain flatbed scanner.In Black and White (sometimes called Line Art) mode, scanning a Test Form is much faster than scanning a colorful image. It is only according to Scanner Performance. PC OMR supports ADF(automatic document feeder) and this will help you reading forms very quickly.

Free download: http://www.cai2000.com/pcomr4.exe


SiQiSoft Company

Wevsite: http://www.cai2000.com/

E-mail: cai2000@cai2000.com


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