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William Kelly

Oswald Leaving TSBD?

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James Bookhout from 1968 newspaper, found by Steve Roe



Denis Morisette made the connection with one of our ROKC scans, see below.


Pic.: Jim Murray Black Star

ROKC scan from the Richard E. Sprague Collection at the National Archives.

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Bill Simpich in State Secret explained it best about Oswald's whereabouts:


LHO said he was "out front with Shelley,"  just like he said he was a patsy. Knowing what I know of the whole story, there's really no reason to doubt what he said. Oswald was just a worker drone like the rest of them so it's not like any of them were standing around accounting for everyone's presence or not. Their main focus was to see the parade and with LHO standing back in the shadows, we can't possibly expect 10 people to come up and say, "Yeah he was out there." When I was shooting news in Fountain Square in Cincinnati 25 years ago when Bush visited, do I remember the people who were standing in front of, next to, and behind me? Of course not.

Taking all of this into account, I believe it's Oswald and I think it has the general appearance of him in the film. To be honest, arguing whether he's holding a camera, a cup of coffee, or a box of chocolates is beside the point. We'll never really know with 100% certainty unless the TV station releases a pristine copy of the film from the negative for further analysis.

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On 9/13/2017 at 4:21 PM, Michael Walton said:

LHO said he was "out front with Shelley,"  just like he said he was a patsy.

#1 - this is Fritz claiming weeks later what Oswald said... his notes were not extemporaneous
#2 - as written, he is "out front with Shelley" after the officer with Truly stop him



FBI Agent Bookout offers a slightly different take on that single line scrawled by Fritz well after the fact...  Bookout is describing what he heard Oswald say... Fritz's notes were from memory much later...


This is either complete FBI BS to back-up the Fritz Baker Truly story... (which I believe)
or it is accurate...  

Having proven on a great thread here - the 2nd floor lunchroom encounter could not have happened as offered as well as conflicts with Baker's same day affidavit.  Probably never happened at all...

This appears to be an attempt to move "prayerman=oswald" inside the building since it really was Oswald "out with Bill Shelley in front" during the assassination.

I should add that Shelley claims Mr. Viles was on the landing with the rest of the people:

Mr. SHELLEY - Well, there was Lloyd Viles of McGraw-Hill, Sarah Stanton, she's with Texas School Book, and Wesley Frazier and Billy Lovelady joined us shortly afterwards.
Mr. BALL - You were standing where?
Mr. SHELLEY - Just outside the glass doors there.
Mr. BALL - That would be on the top landing of the entrance? 
Mr. SHELLEY - yes.

Except Mr. Viles tells us he was somewhere else.....  Looks to me that Shelley switches Viles for Oswald....



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