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US/NATO/EU and the desperate subversion of Ukraine

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06:34 GMT:

One hundred and twenty-one bodies have been recovered from wrecks of the crashed Malaysian plane in Donetsk Region so far. At least 95 rescuers and 18 vehicles are now recovering the remains, reports the press service of Ukraine’s Emergency Ministry.

06:27 GMT:
06:05 GMT:

Self-defense forces from People’s Republic of Donetsk are guarding the areas of the crashed plane where the rescue workers are recovering the bodies. The criminal experts from the city of Donetsk are due to arrive Friday afternoon.

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On Thursday, when a Malaysian Airlines plane was apparently shot down over Ukraine, a Ukrainian Buk anti-aircraft missile battery was operational in the region, the Russian Defense Ministry said, contradicting Kiev’s statements.

The battery was deployed at a site from which it could have fired a missile at the airliner, the ministry said in a statement. It said radiation from the battery’s radar was detected by the Russian military.


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LUHANSK, July 18. /ITAR-TASS/. Ukranian army has shelled Lisichansk refinery from Grad multiple rocket launcher system. The plant is the only propylene facility in Ukraine and is located in the Luhansk Region.

The refinery is property of the Russian oil company Rosneft recently sanctioned by the US third package of prohibitive measures. The plant was burning, the Luhansk army reported.

Attack was launched from the airport in the city of Kramatorsk. The artillery shelled Luhansk and hit the city’s outskirts. Hydrogen storage facilities are located near the refinery.

“Firefighters are now trying to stop the fire burning,” said the Luhansk People’s Republic.

The shelling has deprived Luhansk of electricity and water supplier.

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Moscow has no plans to seize the flight recorders from the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which crashed in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, told Rossiya 24 channel.

The seizure of flight records would violate international law as it’s up to relevant international agencies to investigate of the incident, he explained.

The analysis of the flight recorders “is the responsibility of ICAO [international Civil Aviation Organization]; it’s the responsibility of those states which have the most direct connection to this tragedy – the Netherlands, Malaysia and the states whose citizens were on board, and of course Ukraine,” Lavrov said.

The minister also called on the UN Security Council to urgently launch an open and impartial investigation into the plane crash in Ukraine.

“We want international experts to arrive on the crash site as soon as possible and retrieve the flight recorders in an instant," the FM stressed. “Despite statements coming from Kiev, we have no plans to seize the flight recorders.”

The minister welcomed the plans of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to create a special commission to investigate the tragedy, but stressed that such a “group must be put together urgently, as soon as possible.”

The claims by the Ukrainian authorities that the crash of the Malaysian passenger jet was a terrorist act are unacceptable, Lavrov stressed.

“The Ukrainian investigators will be guided in their work [by those statements], which is unacceptable pressure on the activities of the commission,” he explained.

The Ukrainian emergency services have found two flight recorders at the Malaysian plane’s crash site, Konstantin Batozsky, an adviser to the Donetsk regional administration, said.

“Two flight recorders have been discovered by our emergency services. I have no information about where those flight recorders are at the moment,” Batozsky is cited by Interfax-Ukraine.

Previously, the self-defense forces of the People’s Republic of Donetsk announced that they had found the Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight recorders.

However, the self-proclaimed republic’s prime minister, Aleksandr Boroday, later said that he can’t confirm this information.

“The items, which were earlier discovered by our troops, most likely, aren’t flight recorders,” Boroday is cited by Interfax.

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Bloody chaos in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, soluble which month the Kiev authorities, their accomplices-Nazis and foreign mercenaries, is not only related russophobia aggressors. But it turns out, and the fact that in this region there are huge reserves of uranium and oil, the exact details of which were not disclosed. It is these natural resources, primarily interested in the West, and are interested in a long time.

According to archival documents Gosplan and several other Soviet agencies in the Luhansk region in the late 1940s - early 1950s were explored at great depth - not less than 1,600 m - large oil reserves. Since 1952, they began to explore, but already in 1957. information about them classified. A Ukrainian Communist Party leadership has made assurances from Moscow that, firstly, Ukraine will be ensured mainly Russian oil. Secondly, the track working on the export pipeline "Druzhba" (built in the second half of 1960): Tatarstan - Eastern Europe - will not pass through eastern Ukraine.

But experimental exploration and production of oil and associated gas in the Luhansk region continued. So, at the beginning of the 2000s. geologists made exploration, during which new deposits were found. Data about them too was classified.

As reported Luganskoe news «LKT-info», «Luganschina traditionally positioned itself as a coal region, is also rich in oil and gas. Gas production in the Luhansk region began in the 60s, after the discovery of the gas field in Krasnopopovskogo Kremenskov area. Thereafter, for 10-15 years in northern region was opened a whole chain of gas fields, crossing the entire area. It crosses the entire area, this area is bounded on the south by a conventional line Kremennaya - Lugansk - Davydov - Nikolsky, and from the north - Svatovo - Starobil's'k - mound. "

By 2013, the topic of public discussion was again withdrawn. «LKT-info» writes: "... as it turned out on the spot, the gas-oil theme -" classified. " Shoot a subject banned and refused to provide information ... With gasindustrial management representative on the phone: "You have in the territory of about 12 wells: how ambitious stocks? - That's confidential." In short, how large oil and gas reserves - the secret. "

There are also other information confirming this information. Thus, in early February 2013 the company "Ukrgazvidobuvannya" ("Ukrgasdobycha") has opened a new oil and gas fields in the Luhansk region with the original proven reserves of 500 thousand tons of fuel. Based on exploration work carried out in late 2012 - early 2013. Revealed that at a depth of 3 thousand meters are oil and gas deposits. New oil and gas field could give 2 tons of oil per day.


In this regard, the following statement is remarkable Ukrainian economist and politician Igor Rybakov (September 2011): "Unique to Lugansk region, oil production occurs in Stanichno-Lugansk region - in more than 10 wells, each of which brings up to 51 cubic meters. meter "black gold" in the night. "

Obviously, in the run-up of oil and especially gas "famine" in Ukraine these and other fields need Kiev authorities as ever. It is not difficult to conclude that the so-called anti-terrorist operation in the region is carried out, including, and in order to clear the path to the oil and gas resources in the region.

As for uranium resources, they focused mainly in the Donetsk region and were found in the second half of 1930. But the first comprehensive exploration took place only in 1944-1946 gg. In the second half of 1940 Donbas uranium was used in creating the Soviet nuclear weapons. Incidentally, in the local real content of uranium ores is much higher than in most other uranium deposits in the former Soviet Union.

Here they wrote, for example, "Donetsk news" (29.06.2006): "It is only 200 kilometers from Donetsk small extract radioactive materials ... In the exploration of uranium reserves, begun in 1944, was open 21 fields. Most of them are located within the Dnipro Basin, while some are within river basins Southern Bug and the Seversky Donets. "

It was also noted that the Ukrainian authorities "intend to develop uranium mines (enterprise VostGOK), for which Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov even requested the declassification of information about Ukrainian uranium production."

These objects, as informed the same "Donetsk news" and several other sources are Adamovka, lighthouses, Makatyhe and along dried-up bed of the former river Kalka (Slavic area DNR). Moreover, the same sources say that "... the overall dangerous high (diffuse) radiation level famous uranium mines and mine Luhansk region in the south-eastern part of Ukraine - famous place" underground "pilgrimage Odyssey (" Hell's Gate "and" input Hell "). Unauthorized logins without special permission is strictly prohibited. "

According to Ukrainian portal «UATOM», uranium region's geography is much wider: the largest deposits of Nikolaev, Krasnooskolskoe (Donetsk region), Markov (Luhansk region), Beregskoe (border Donetsk and Kharkiv regions). Part ore Nicholas deposit located approximately 60 km north of the port of Mariupol, Ukrainian authorities planned to evacuate the sea in Western Europe. There are similar resources and neighboring Zaporizhia and Kharkiv regions.

For uranium feedstock in the Donbass in 2005 "eyeing" the French company AREVA, Canadian GOLD Corporation, some U.S. and UK firms. It is clear that the "cleanup" of DNR and LC will greatly facilitate access to these resources West.
And this "solution" there are examples of resource problems. Say, you can recall the bloody suppression Belgian forces (together with joined them by U.S. troops and international mercenaries) liberation movement in the Katanga province (southern province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1961-1963. Here are the world's largest uranium reserves. The rebels tried to nationalize these resources, but the natural wealth of the country has long belonged to the West, mainly Belgian, capital.

Congolese simply "smoothed out", as it is now "smooth out" not to conquer Kiev junta inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. They are prevented West, primarily the United States insatiable. Earthly riches Novorossia began today for its inhabitants - the curse! And all the evil in the South-East of Ukraine committed for further enrichment of Western multinationals.

Alexei Chichkin (stoletie.ru),
Central News Agency Novorossia

July 16, the video came out quite sensational Pravda.ru interviewed Lev Vershinin, known in the blogosphere as putnik1.

Interview extensive, almost 45 minutes, and the questions it has been affected much. I would like to highlight some, from my point of view, the most interesting.

The chain of events that led to the emergence of this interview and sensational information broadcast by it, began with the blocking of the blogs Vershinin, da_dzi, Colonel Kassad napoleona6 and other on LiveJournal. It should be noted that LiveJournal this company is not restricted. Lockout began on most major platforms. As this was happening, particularly on Maksparke I wrote in the article " In the Russian social networks is an information war. Massively blocking blogs Patriots »http://who-is2012.livejournal.com/5728.html

And the reasons for blocking are very different from "supporting terrorism" by publishing accounts to help Novorossia to absurd accusations that someone blogger clone. It is interesting that for example, for me personally, warned of an impending blockage even a month before the event. One pseudo-patriotic blogger, extremely close to the wording Maksparka just could not resist, and in the controversy with me slip. It was at the end of January.


Then I was blocked for a month without giving a reason at all, then after 3 days by numerous letters unblocked and literally 5 hours again blocked for a month, removing a couple of innocent comments.

The next stage of this situation was the sensational statement Dmitry Dzygovrodskogo (da_dzi) that his blog was closed forever at the request of the leadership Learn Ukrainian side, and personal information from his blog referred to it though. I described it in detail in the article " Infovoyna. Data from social networks fall into the Ukrainian security services »http://who-is2012.livejournal.com/7283.html. And if by LJ Dmitry was able to present evidence in the form sent to him from Kiev screenshots data locked his profile, I shared insider information that half of the moderators and editors Maksparka - citizens of Ukraine.

Lev Vershinin also said that Russian banks, Sberbank in particular, bypassing the legislation of the Russian Federation without a court decision solely on the "request" of the Ukrainian side block the accounts of their customers. And it happens through the "transfer" by western intelligence agencies of its agents in various structures of Ukrainian Security Service of the Russian Federation.


Clear that it is not limited only by banks. Like, judging by recent events, is happening everywhere, including in the media, and social networks on Russian sites. Me in this list are interested in the blogosphere.

Is it good or bad?

On the one hand, of course, looks like a defeat in the information war. After the usual deprived areas most uncomfortable for the people of the West. But! And let us remember the previous such companies as they occurred, and what was the situation there.

In my memory, this happened exactly 2 years ago. We all remember the frantic information campaign waged in the media against the Russian Orthodox Church. "Watch the patriarch", "nanopyl", "yacht patriarch" exhibition Gelman, Chapman, etc. The situation was well described in an article by Igor Ashmanova " Under the rule of mental virus, or how to distinguish news from stuffing »http://maxpark.com/community/politic/content/1647911

How can we make this company, Igor showed us. And that's what it was carried out. Remember, the company was total, as in private, corporate and state media. Leave aside private. Then everybody knows who led the most popular of them - the citizens of Israel, past service in the IDF, such as Anton Spout dolboeb, and Arsen Revazov; Konstantin Eggert, Stanislav Belkovsky, Demyan Kudryavtsev, multiple wives liberastvuyuschih oligarchs and just candid russophobes. Then it did not disappear . In the same state media were planted "Medvedev chicks" like Paul Pryanikova http://who-is2012.livejournal.com/4616.html RIA-Novosti, Alexei Kovalev or Londoner in InoSMI. In those days membership Snob-e is a kind of calling card, beacon "friend or foe". These were times of overwhelming dominance in the media of any form of ownership of Russia's enemies. And most importantly, I want to focus attention on this, all done in the open, nothing to hide! Liberal public reveled in all the power, and not afraid of anything.

Being then commentator Inosmi I kinda raised a rebellion against such lawlessness on the state site http://politikaonline.ru/node/716. Got one - I figured after the third comment on the same Inosmi and blocked, under whatever nickname I did not go. And the indignant Comments hypocritically and mockingly replied that I break something. Then it was done openly, with the small-town feeling of superiority.

Now times have changed. Closed or threatened by blocking many odious media. Roscomnadzor seriously engaged in violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation issues and deal with them. Changed leadership at many leading news agencies. State media have undergone a global reform and change management. Appeared information agency "Russia Today" Kiselev and Simonyan, which united Russian state agencies and resources. At the helm become completely different people. West lost a huge sector in the sphere of its influence on Russian society. It is now in the open, as before, can only act "suicide."

And West thrown in his last reserve - agents of influence embedded in his time in various Russian agencies. On the one hand it is good. Our intelligence agencies, think easily calculate all this already overexposed agents, and in the very near future it will be neutralized in various ways, the ideal course. On the other hand you know that if the West went to this step, the next will be the Great War, which is not pleasant.

Well, we need to know our enemies, as they say, in the face.

Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky started in my opinion a great project VK - "People's Tribunal", which publishes photos and details of the most odious figures mira anti-Russian. Naturally, this project for Ukraine.

I propose to extend this wonderful project and Russia.

The first candidate from me:

Shamin Ivan Abramovich was born in 1970, residing at Moscow 5th Park .... https://www.facebook.com/people/%D0%98%D0%B2%D0%B0%D0%BD-%D0%A8%D0%B0%D0%BC%D0%B8%D0%BD/100000549673047

Publisher social network Maxpark

He studied at the Karma Kagyu , The largest podshkoly Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism.

Came to the post publisher Maksparka in February 2014. From this moment Makspark was rapidly yellowing. Years of previous publisher dear Sergey Malinin, who managed to turn enough Gaydpark chamber into a resource with all the social networking features Makspark who knew how to strike a balance between the various forces on the resource and always sympathetic and friendly to users, has been suspended. The site parochial dictatorship reigned. Was chosen pseudo-group of bloggers with an exaggerated self-importance, which, through various preferences converted into controlled "patriotic" sector to simulate the "balance of forces".

These patriotic bloggers were subjected to repression and locks, their articles were closed. Created all the conditions for the establishment and successful operation of openly Nazi Ukrainian communities and blogs, given the green light by continuous anti-Russian material for inclusion in the tape.

Russophobe, liberal, anti-Orthodox takes position.

Principle: "If you criticize power, the state, Orthodoxy, it is - constructive criticism. If you criticize him personally and editors - you slanderer and be destroyed. "
Waiting for your nominations in the comments.

Alexander Nikishin
Central News Agency Novorossia

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Rumors of a possible occurrence of the militia were not idle speculation and reality. At this point, the options available are calculated armies republics. Similar conclusions can be drawn from the statements of Dennis Pushilin - Heads of the Supreme Council of the People's Republic of Donetsk. According to him, the withdrawal of forces from the militia, which was needed to reduce losses of innocent civilians, was an opportunity to regroup and gain time for a full-scale offensive. He also said that the paramount objectives are Kramatorsk and Slavic - the center of resistance organizations.

European leaders pay lip service policy of genocide, which is held by America, citizens of the countries taking part in the battles with the forces of CHP. A large number of volunteers already struggling against the fascist plague, more may join them in the near future, by the way, in Russian side does not remain in the militia units exist, partly staffed by our brethren.

Conclusion militia forces from the cities residents will get rid of the incessant bombings, now, the army of Ukraine, taking the settlements began to carry out reprisals against those who could help resist. Of course, that each citizen, anyway, under them fall, because Bendera not accustomed to think and understand the situation.

Denis Pushilin very grateful citizens of Europe and Russia for the invaluable assistance they provide in combating national disaster - fascism. Separately, he said that the conflict is fueled by the United States authorities.

Hold Novorossia, not soon pass your Victory Parade, because metostazy fascism has spread widely, but what will it be - it is an axiom! Glory undefeated Russian spirit!

Sergei Lyzhin
Central News Agency Novorossia

Battles continue in marinating! National hero - Gunmen Igor aka Commander Army units Donbass, said that yesterday (July 17) in the vicinity of four o'clock in the morning, saboteurs militia attacked the army deployment point of Ukraine. During the attack by small arms and rocket-propelled grenades in the area of ​​the village firehouse Metalist managed to destroy a large number of security forces occupiers. During the fighting, as well, were captured armored vehicles and weapons of the Nazis.

By marinating, where recent invaders were driven out, fighting continued. According to the militia, the Nazis are afraid to enter into an open confrontation, however, use sneaky tactics, showering positions resistance huge amount of artillery shells and rockets. As a result, CHP troops suffered casualties, but did not think to retreat, hoping to try to repel the invaders point to show them "gruel"!

Shooters reported that the Nazis has left free corridor through which they will be able to leave the field of battle, its width about 5 kilometers.

Noted that after the militia shot down two "dry" yesterday, aviation Ukraine ceased to appear in the sky. In addition to the destroyed aircraft, casualty lists occupiers were tanks and armored vehicles, anti-tank missiles that burned, almost on the border with Russia.

Among other things, organized Ukrainians pontoon ferry across the Mius just been destroyed. Due to this, Banderlog can not get out of the environment that has a strong demoralizing effect. Gunmen finished his narrative that told about an artillery strike on PPC "Marinovka."

Keep it up, lads, do not disgrace the memory of ancestors! Let the fire burn the earth under their feet Novorossia fascists!

Sergei Lyzhin
Central News Agency Novorossia

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Lavrov Criticizes US for Not Leading Kiev to Peaceful Crisis Resolution

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

© REUTERS/ Srdjan Zivulovic
17:33 18/07/2014

MOSCOW, July 18 (RIA Novosti) — Moscow believes the United States are not doing their best to persuade Kiev into finding a peaceful solution of the crisis in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.

"Frankly speaking, I believe that this disaster will sober up those who have very clearly placed their bets on a war with the refusal of all obligations in the political process and refusal from challenges voiced by Europe in order to see reason and hope for Washington’s support," Lavrov said during a live interview on Rossiya-24 television.

“We don’t sense any attempts by the US to send signals to Kiev for solution in negotiations," he said, adding it was unacceptable to expect Russia to be the only one to act on the situation.

“It's inadmissible to demand only from us to make the [independence supporters] to either reconcile with the fact that they will be killed or to surrender at discretion," Lavrov said.

The minister also criticized Washington for giving Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko a green light for the military operation against independence supporters in the country’s east, and called on the United States to review the approval.

“Bias means only one thing, that Washington decided to give Poroshenko the 'ok' to use military pressure on those who don’t agree with it. This is a criminal decision and I hope that it will be reviewed. We will at the least explain to all of our partners on the presidential and foreign ministerial level that this would mean that the West has taken on colossal responsibility for the fate of the Ukrainian state," Lavrov said in the interview.

Lavrov also said that in such countries as Iraq or South Sudan, the United States had forced the heads of states to reconcile with their opponents, but did not give this opportunity to Ukraine.

On Thursday, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the United States seemed to be pushing Ukraine to a civil war, adding that such policy was doomed to fail.

Since mid-April, Ukrainian authorities have been conducting a special military operation in eastern Ukraine to suppress the independence movement in the country. Hundreds of civilians have died in the conflict over the past months. In April, US government pledged $8 million in "non-lethal" military aid to Ukraine.

Moscow has repeatedly called on Kiev stop the violence immediately and resolve the conflict through a peaceful dialogue.

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Havana. July 18, 2014

An unheard of provocation

THIS morning the cables were full of reports about the unheard of news that a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane had been hit at an altitude of 10,100 meters as it flew over Ukrainian territory, along a route controlled by the war-hungry government of chocolate king, Petro Poroshenko.

Cuba, which has always stood in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and in the difficult days of the Chernobyl tragedy provided medical care to the many children affected by the accident’s harmful radiation, and is always willing to continue doing so, cannot refrain from expressing our repudiation of the action of the anti-Russian, anti-Ukrainian and pro-imperialist government.

At the same time, coinciding with the Malaysian aircraft crime, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the nuclear state, ordered his army to invade the Gaza Strip, where, over the last several days, hundreds of Palestinians have died, many of them children. The President of the United States supported the action, describing the repugnant act as legitimate defense.

Obama does not support David against Goliath, but rather Goliath against David. As is known, young men and women from the Israeli people, well prepared for productive work, are being exposed to a death without honor, without glory. I am not aware of the Palestinian’s military strategy, but I know that a combatant prepared to die can defend even the ruins of a building, as long as he has his rifle, as the heroic defenders of Stalingrad demonstrated.

I only wish to express my solidarity with the heroic people who defend the last sliver remaining of what was their homeland for thousands of years.

Fidel Castro Ruz


July 17, 2014

11:14 p.m.


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Fidel Castro, solidario con palestinos, repudia derribo de avión

La Habana, 18 jul (PL) El líder histórico de la Revolución cubana, Fidel Castro, expresó hoy repudio por el derribo de un avión de Malaysia Airlines sobre territorio de Ucrania bajo control del gobierno belicista del rey del chocolate, Petro Poroshenko. (RadioPL)

En un artículo titulado Provocación insólita, Fidel Castro expresó asimismo solidaridad con el heroico pueblo palestino ante la invasión del ejército israelí a la Franja de Gaza.

Prensa Latina transmite a continuación el texto del artículo del líder histórico de la Revolución cubana:

Provocación insólita

Hoy por la mañana las informaciones cablegráficas estaban saturadas con la insólita noticia de que un avión de la línea Malaysia Airlines había sido impactado a 10 100 metros de altura mientras volaba sobre el territorio de Ucrania, por la ruta bajo el control del gobierno belicista del rey del chocolate, Petro Poroshenko.

Cuba, que fue siempre solidaria con el pueblo de Ucrania, y en los días difíciles de la tragedia de Chernobil atendió la salud de muchos niños afectados por las nocivas radiaciones del accidente y siempre estará dispuesta a seguir haciéndolo, no puede dejar de expresar su repudio por la acción de semejante gobierno antirruso, antiucraniano y proimperialista.

A su vez, coincidiendo con el crimen del avión de Malasia, el primer ministro de Israel Benjamín Netanyahu, jefe de un estado nuclear, ordenaba a su ejército invadir la Franja de Gaza, donde habían muerto ya en pocos días cientos de palestinos, muchos de ellos niños. El Presidente de Estados Unidos apoyó la acción, calificando el repugnante crimen como acto de legítima defensa. Obama no apoya a David contra Goliat, sino a Goliat contra David.

Como se conoce, hombres y mujeres jóvenes del pueblo de Israel, bien preparados para el trabajo productivo, serán expuestos a morir sin honor ni gloria. Ignoro cuál será la doctrina militar de los palestinos, pero conozco que un combatiente dispuesto a morir puede defender hasta las ruinas de un edificio mientras tenga su fusil, como demostraron los heroicos defensores de Stalingrado.

Deseo solo hacer constar mi solidaridad con el heroico pueblo que defiende el último jirón de lo que fue su patria durante miles de años.

Fidel Castro Ruz

Julio 17 de 2014

11 y 14 p.m.


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This text doesn't apply for the situation analysis in the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR), an inclusiveness and objectivity. It — not a journalistic material. These are notes of the eyewitness. Short, sketchy, instant pictures, impressions, emotions. Lugansk — the front city, war goes already and in the city (actions of saboteurs, aircraft and artillery bombings). I see the events through a prism of a mortar platoon of the battalion "Dawn". I use terminology of fighters in notes. Key terms — "укры" and "ours". Ukra — it is the enemy, is those who is guilty in war: Ukrainian army, oligarchs, foreign mercenaries, retaliatory battalions, participants "майданов". Ours — LNR and DNR militia, the Cossacks, all those groups, groups and divisions which defend Donbass from attack having stolen.


The Luhansk citizen Sashko terribly uses foul language, sitting on the bed in barracks. It came to a battalion six days ago. Six days of expectation — in economic dresses on kitchen, on cleaning, on weapon cleaning. Six painful, wearisome days — Sashko came to be at war, and it is necessary to peel potatoes, to sweep a parade-ground, to touch carrot, to rearrange boxes. With it in the room seven more same volunteers — came at the same time , on the same day, as Sashko. Six — natives of Ukraine, one — from Russia. All want to be at war, but — economic dresses.

Commanders speak: "Wait, you will be in time". It is necessary to wait for distribution in military units, then study, then to be at war. Distribute on military units when command of the battalion "Dawn", armed forces of LNR will decide to understaff parts. The flow of volunteers is, stable and, it is senseless to hide — many people come from Russia. Came from a commandant's company — called to itself, said that 10 recruits are necessary. Came from an oruzheyka, called to itself: account, delivery and acceptance of ammunition.

Commandant's office and an oruzheyka — not front-line units. Sashko, none of his roommates didn't go there. Six days. Sashko comes back to the room in the evening from a dress and learns: seven neighbors are defined in a mortar platoon. The commander of a platoon came, asked the wishing. Roommates already write the official report on the weapon, tomorrow will receive AK-74, cartridges, cartridge pouches, shops. Sashko terribly uses foul language — the sense is simple: "Why for me didn't ask? ! It is necessary to keep each other, and you threw me. It was necessary to ask the commander of mortars to take and me". It leaves on the street to smoke, to a release to anybody from neighbors doesn't talk.


In four mornings roar, groan and stone crash. To me dreamed that at me the profession best in the world — to distribute toys to children, music from the Soviet animated film sounded. Suddenly the dream and music were covered by a roar. We jump from beds. Someone slept dressed, someone suffices clothes and in pants and slippers run on the street. Blue light of early morning. From the neighboring building — an oncological clinic — змеится a black smoke. Entrance to an air-raid shelter. Below, inside — ranks of benches and chairs — the hospital personnel, fighters, half an hour later come inhabitants of nearby houses with densely filled bags. The rumble is rolled in an air-raid shelter from a new gap. Quiet conversations, almost whisper. Children's voice: "And I at all wasn't frightened. Mothers, you were frightened, and I don't. I quietly gathered and took you by hand".
Three volunteers, comers a few days ago, in fight not happening, earlier not seeing explosions, after attack write the official report on dismissal. LNR militia — the voluntary formation, any coercion. The battalion commander signs the official report. People, without having become fighters, go home.


Outlines of LNR, the earth which we here protect, almost for everyone the. For one LNR — it only Lugansk. For others — the former Luhansk region of Ukraine. The third consider that Kiev and Odessa have to be a part of the republic. The fourth are sure that if LNR will be lost, war will begin already in Russia. Is such for which LNR — is war against the western values.


Ideological ridge of a militia, rod idea — we represent the Russian world, укры try to destroy, eradicate the Russian world. It is possible to be the socialist, the bourgeois, the street mugger — we are united by concept the Russian world though it is vague the same as concept LNR.
At many fighters, at the vast majority of fighters — orthodox crosses worn on the neck. At some charms with prayers are reeled up on wrists. In the next hospital, behind the territory of base of the battalion "Dawn" — church. Before fight, after the fight, simply in free time many go there.

I and some more fighters we sit on a bench before a parade-ground. Someone from ours descended in church, gathered "holy water" in a plastic disposable glass. The glass revolves — "To me leave", "And me give".
We leave on a fighting task. Team — "On cars". Were loaded. We sit, resting elbows and sides each other — some are christened.


Our barracks — the former building of a regional military registration and enlistment office. For new volunteers it is necessary to clear away rooms. Rooms are filled with archives, the outdated equipment, stuff with accession numbers. Any trifle, garbage — now, during war, is visible its senselessness, an otioseness. With heaps of senselessness littered itself and others, years, the whole decades the professional Ukrainian soldiers serving in a military registration and enlistment office. The torn apart archives go to toilets, for economic needs. At me I blotted footwear in four hours in the rain during fighting departure. I fill sneakers private matters been born in Leninsky district of Lugansk in 1984. I tear out sheets from filings, I tear off photos — them in the garbage, the crumpled sheets in sneakers. Ivan from Lisichansk with boredom gathers some private matters of the contemporaries and reads in the evenings.

Windows in barracks are strengthened and closed. On a roof calculations of PZRK (mobile surface-to-air missile systems) are on duty. In rooms we watch purity — without compulsion of commanders. However a distinctive feature of natives of Ukraine, natives of the southern regions of Russia — they everywhere where lodge even if for absolutely short term, try to equip the house. Their merit that in rooms there are refrigerators, TVs, bed linen, ware, on walls hang out pictures — any sensuality, military propaganda, landscapes.


I didn't happen in Lugansk before war. When went here, I imagined it the industrial bare city in a poor coloring and poor greens of poplars. I see the city through weapon grids — when we leave on a fighting task. Time to take a walk around the city isn't present, укры frequent tasks were pulled together around. Departure — in the car machine guns with the fastened shops sift city views.

Positions: the city away from us — behind strokes of mortars, налипами charging boxes. The city isn't pale — even its ruinny buildings are very picturesque. Languid obsharpannost of the southern city. Houses under chetyrekhskatny roofs and with long плетьми deaf fences in the private sector. The downtown in the spirit of a Stalin empire style — stone balconies, sharp porticoes, the columns, two symmetric "Houses with spikes" with the Soviet stars, columned arches of Avangard stadium and parks. In a southern way plentiful forms of local women. Men, as a rule, undersized, and after 35 years животасты. Graffiti in flowers of the Russian flags, inscriptions: "Lugansk — the Russian city", "We — Russians" and to that similar.
Near base of the battalion "Dawn" to the surprise I find the real Turkish baklava in a supermarket. Correctly prepared, traditional compounding. You won't find the such in Vladivostok. In Moscow the similar is extremely expensive. Here — 150 rubles for kilogram on the Russian money. In Turkey is more expensive.


All day we supported fire approach of ours. Ukra departed from the positions on half a kilometer. Positions were taken by ours. We returned to barracks. Cleaned trunks, greased biped - gun carriages, descended in a bath. Release. The commander — "Full fighting" runs in. We are loaded. Mortars, charging boxes, shovels, ломы, containers with gunpowder. We take seats on benches, shops fastens to machine guns. Intense silence before departure — as usual. We wait when cars will start. The commander hisses a handheld transceiver, goes near cars. Suddenly team: "Release". Fighters groaning, spitting out, grumbling get out of a body. We from fighting group turn at once into line for scarce sausage — weakened, a vperevalochka, machine guns unloadings расстегнуты hang somehow. We disperse on rooms.
Ours beat off attack having stolen by own efforts.


Long and consistently on sectors we fire at the airport. At the airport sat down укры. With them conducted long negotiations. They refused to come over to our to side, refused to lay down arms. Now we suppress them, we smooth out. Our positions along the highway. Us it is perfectly visible from the nearby cottage settlement, it is visible from fields.

Shot back. We gather. The hot trunks of mortars burning gloves, we shower in a body. There the gun carriages soiled in the earth - biped. On top hissed — on us the mine flies. We jump in any deepenings — we nestle on the earth. The gap — 50 meters aside, in the lowland, was staked out a white smoke. Us calculated. Ukra at us guided mortars. The first was ranging. We have some time while укры will replace aiming. We gather additionally the ammunition. In half-minute — hisses, a mine, again we nestle on the earth, a gap in the same lowland. Now on us will earn by series. Team — "On cars! " We don't manage to appropriate a plate support for a mortar, too deeply I drowned in the earth at return, we don't manage to dig out. Hastily we climb in the car. The board couldn't be closed. Sitting at a board expose trunks of machine guns outside. The driver squeezes out a maximum of "Ural". We look back — the new gap goes to the sky.


Two fighter Su-25, "drying", comes over the city. The air-raid warning is declared. The order to run in an air-raid shelter. But the most curious remain. To a parade-ground there are PZRK calculations. "Antiaircraft gun" lifts up the two coupled trunks to the sky. "Drying" go impudently — low, confident in the invulnerability. One PZRK catches the plane in a sight — began to squeak. Cotton — from a trunk is spat out the rocket, smoky юзами is screwed in in the sky. Hit — flash, a black dirty stroke behind falling fragments. On a parade-ground applause. Shouts — "Give still, men". To calculations of PZRK run up and show where second "drying" departs. Passion of success. Peep — after two rockets. The pilot was frightened — catapults, a parachute bubble. Rockets, however, don't reach, work self-destructors, slaps of far explosions. We learn later that the plane which has remained without management falls in one of the thrown mines.

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03:35 GMT:

Kiev armed forces are concentrating on Donetsk’s western borders preparing for an assault on the city, representative of DPR self-defense forces told RIA Novosti.

The representative also told the agency that despite a temporary truce over the MH17 flight incident, the fighting continues to the south of the city, as well as other areas. He said the anti-Kiev forces also engaged in fighting near Donetsk airport where there is a large concentration of Kiev forces.

The representative added that villages surrounding the airport suffered civilian loses, as Ukrainian tanks and four Grad rockets shelled the villages of Peski, Tonenkoe, and Andreevka. After the shelling, Ukrainian forces took the communities of Severnoe and Tonenkoe by deploying four tanks in each of the villages.

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Yulia Tymoshenko appears with new portion of extremist statements

18.07.2014 | Source: Pravda.Ru

The crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine became another reason for ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko to release a new portion of extremist remarks with respect to the eastern region of the country and Russia. She called on the West to immediately provide military assistance to Ukraine and cleanse the Donbass.

"The Russian fighters proved today that they are no different than Al Qaeda. The world must deal with accordingly. If the world does not take action immediately, together with Ukraine, the level of this disaster will increase every hour," she said.

Tymoshenko proposes to "protect the lives of citizens of free and independent countries in the world, with the help of NATO, enabling its opportunities to the maximum." According to her, the international community should also impose the third level of financial and economic sanctions on Russia as the aggressor."

Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko urges the West to provide immediate military assistance to Ukraine, to cleanse the Donbass region.

Earlier, former prime minister Tymoshenko called on to nuke Russia. She said that she would burn the entire Russian population of the Crimea. In the recording of the telephone conversation with Party of Regions deputy Nestor Shufrich, she speaks of the need to use nuclear weapons against "eight million Russians remaining in Ukraine."

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Amazing news reach from the Kuyovsky khanate … I differentiate on importance degree: "Boeing" broke, Porosenok Huntik-washed down, the fresh party of agents of FSB is exposed.
Apropos the "Boeing", clear business, it is necessary to ask senator McCain, it still quite brisk old man, in spite of the fact that the clinical idiot. The matter is that McCain himself several times arranged plane crashes and though fine by a head it was put, in this case the expert what to look …

The truth McCain is slightly occupied: it pushes the Maidan project the house-keeper - a class in Mordor. Project quite interesting, and main thing budget of only 30 million dollars. Well, if didn't forget two pieces on bribery of the head of the Central Bank Nabiullina to put, you look, this time, that it will turn out … He after all already dreams to democratize us long ago, won't be appeased in any way. Punches a pig-iron forehead a wall. Certainly, the old man is still strong, but the concrete wall on Cortázar's assurance, all - will be stronger …

In general, senator from Maidan preparation came off, and all - issued the version … Here I pleased, so I pleased! The old vegetable declared that Kuyovshchina couldn't bring down the plane because doesn't possess the corresponding arms. And here militants, or KGB (VChK is good not), quite were able to do it … Shedevralno! I am afraid to present that Psaka will tell about it. And it, friends, notice, at everything thus that isn't established yet, from - for what the plane fell … Can in general, problems what technical, or act of terrorism …

With Huntik's swinish hard drinking, all more - is less clear, is valid what to do when where throw, all a wedge, and ahead - a hanger. And not that with which the theater begins, and most that on is real, with the soaped loop and beaten out of - under feet a stool, in Nuremberg.

On the latest news there is a wish to stop in more detail. It is known that since Union disorder in many former republics became fashionable, scratching national гондурасы, to catch fleas who immediately appear agents of FSB, with a hysterics accompanying an occasion, but only in Kuyov this hobby took the paranoia form. Any failure instantly is explained by intrigues bloody гэбни, and in general as it became clear, no Ukraine actually is present, and never was. All this geographical misunderstanding - no more than FSB special project under the code name "Hokhlomor". Foremost task of bloody Mordor intelligence service, thus, is the task as it is possible to spoil more strongly on freedom-loving fennel, and also offensively to be teased and neatly to be spat that faces and make in the occupied territory. The list of the exposed agents of FSB impresses. Here all political top gathered: Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovych, Tymoshenko, itself. From the new: delusioned Turchynov, muddy Avakov, fascist Yarosh, and intellectual backward Tyahnybok. Besides the list the maydanovskikh of racers, number more than two thousand includes all, and if to trust a rabbit to Seine, in general everything who demands increase of level of material welfare. The last even can't be counted!

I represent, damn, the extent of turns for the salaries, every twentieth in kuyovsky residency of FSB! And still I represent Bortnikov's pompously answering questions of cunning journalists happy physiognomy:
- Yes, we too enlisted it … This? Too our employee … Lyashko? Well that you, pederasts - not our profile, it to CIA …

With grief only bearded Babay watches the events. Among this fsbshny excess, it one of GRU, around competitors to communicate there is nobody!

In general, all events are expressed by a short ramzanovsky formula: "The bereavement comprehended the Ukrainian people. Suddenly the remains of his reason died!"

And the most dark, meanwhile, postponed away the flute which strange sounds he tried to damp a sanctions ardor of our transatlantic partners, and took in a hand tool more suitable a case - ukhvatisty ломик. Wanted sanctions?
For a start receive BRICS development bank. And that didn't wrinkle noses перзиденты on dollar notes, here to you the BRICS Currency fund. Well and that the neck didn't sweat, to a heap, military base on freedom island - Cuba. Пущай ours шионы, their, from Guantanamo, languages through a fence show.

Tinted transatlantic monkey, it is quite predictable again sanctions I imposed … Everything the barbarian, damn, the left unfinished seeks to bring down economy of Mordor, konan-… And after all that amazes: sees, damn, that doesn't work, but with persistence of the bulldozer прет regardless of obstacles. That and to speak, it was lucky Yankees with the national leader. Madhouse!

The fascist junta fills up an infernal moneybox of the war crimes. Having accused the Militia of crash of a foreign passenger airliner, chasteners used it as an occasion to massive attack and bombings of Lugansk, trying to put to the city as much as possible pain and mutilations before illusive, but still possible truce.

Intentionally chaotic fire was criminally opened on residential quarters of Lugansk that led to mass victims not among Southeast Army, and among the unarmed civilian population which still poorly is guided in a survival equipment during military operations.
In the second half of day of the press service of the Lugansk City Council I published the summary list of victims and destructions in Lugansk.
The figures containing in it, confirmed information arriving earlier from civil journalists about massacre of citizens and terrible destructions of inhabited sector and infrastructure. According to it, 44 persons are killed, 215 is wounded. Among victims one child, among wounded — four children.
We publish the list completely below:
Victims — 44 persons
including children — 1
The wounded — 215 people
including children — 4
Apartment houses — 46
Houses of the private sector — 195
Objects of the social sphere
Schools — 3
Kindergartens — 12
Bus station
Pharmaceutical warehouses
Objects of the industrial sphere
Plants — 5
Warehouse of finished goods of private enterprises — 10
Shops — 18
Including supermarkets — 3
Catering establishments — 2
60% of the city markets are closed.
City critical infrastructure
It is damaged trolleybuses — 10
Trams — 5
Municipal buses — 3
Share taxis — 40
Contact lines of electrotransport — 10 km
Power lines — 19 km
Roadbed — 17000 sq.m.
Boiler rooms — 6
Power substations — 11
Objects of water supply — 4
For ensuring medical assistance the population doesn't have 150 doctors and 250 nurses.

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For two weeks, our website Novorus.info attacked by Ukrainian hackers.
That it is very expensive, about $ 1,000 an hour. Every day attacks against our site weaken - probably means they are running out.

The attack was aimed at beginning to drown out our website, and then completely remove all the information!

A bit of theory:

SYN-flood - one of the varieties of network attacks such as denial of service, which involves sending a large number of SYN-requests (requests for connection protocol TCP) in a relatively short time.
According to the process of "triple handshake» TCP, the client sends a packet with the flag SYN (synchronize). In reply to a server should respond combination of flags SYN + ACK (acknowledges). The client must respond with a packet flag ACK, after which the connection is established.

The principle of the attack is that the attacker by sending SYN-requests overwhelms the server (target) attacks on all connections. However, he ignores the SYN + ACK packets target without sending response packets, or forges a packet header so that the return SYN + ACK is sent to an invalid address. In connection queue appear so-called half-open connections (born half-open connection), pending confirmation from the client. After a certain timeout these connections are dropped. The task of the attacker is to maintain all filled so as to prevent new connections. Because of this, legitimate clients can not establish a connection or set it with significant delays.

And now it looked like in practice:

1) within one second and more than hundreds of offending IP addresses to send us inquiries:


2) we check the current IP position in place:


3) At this time, our servers are experiencing enormous loads!


Central News Agency Novorossia

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