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Kathy Beckett

Questions w/respect to Richard III and the Princes

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Why didn't Richard let the princes be seen after the rumors of their deaths began? Since he had already bastardized them, how would it have hurt?

Even Elizabeth Woodville, their mother, believed they were dead, so much so that she backed Henry VII and conspired together with Margaret Beaufort to unite Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Why would she do this if there were any likelihood of them being alive?

There was an imposter prince prior to Perkin Warbeck--Lambert Simnel. Simnel was said to be Earl of Warwick but was found out later to be a commoner. The real Earl was already imprisoned in the Tower at the time of Simnel's appearance

The fact that an impostor prince had been offered prior to that, makes Perkin's claim suspicious. It does not require a lot of thought as to the motive of Richard III to have the princes killed because had he let them live, there would be those who would back them as entitled to the throne. This is also a big reason to me that shows Warbeck was not a prince. He could've created an uprising against Richard III when of age.

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Kathy, I am not sufficiently well-versed in this historical episode to offer a meaningful reply. I do, however, recall a story, which I can not now find, which stated that Richard had an illegitimate son. He brought this son to Bosworth and told him to watch the forthcoming battle. He told the son that if he was victorious, the son would be legitimized. If Richard were killed, the son should forever keep his identity a secret.

Are you familiar with this story? Who is the son? What do you make of it?




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