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Robin Wichard

Holocaust Panel

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Having obtained a degree in Archaeological Studies I worked as a field archaeologist in Britain and then at the University of New Mexico. From there I moved into education and became a teacher in 1984. I have been a Head of Department and am currently the Head of History and Archaeology at the West Somerset Community Collge in Minehead, Somerset and also a Senior Teacher there. I have also gained examination experience having served as a moderator, examiner, team leader for both, Principal Examiner, INSET provider and reviser for one of the major GCSE boards (a number of these posts I still retain). I have published a number of things for Heinemann, Hodder and Stoughton and Shire Publications.

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Ben Burgess is currently a student of Contemporary & International Military History at the University of Salford, UK. He is currently studying Theories of War as well as the development of the German Army and the evolution of Chinese & Japanese Warfare. Over the last two years he has taken part in several trips to Germany, France, Belgium and the Czech Republic as part of his continued research into the campaigns of the Second World War. He has also been fortunate enough to interview many veterans of the conflict along the way.

His main area of research is the rise of German Fascism and the Third Reich as well as the involvement of the German nation during the Second World War.

Aside from studying history Ben also heads the team behind The History Project and manages the design of the site, keeping pages indexed and editing new submissions.

You can find History Project website at:


Edited by Ben Burgess

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