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James R Gordon


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The administration have noticed that on a few occasions forum threads have been subjected to disputes between individual members. It is not the responsibility of the administrators to adjudicate the rights and wrongs of these issues. Nor can the administrators allow infighting between members to dominate a thread, especially when the said members have been asked to exercise restraint.

Therefore the administration takes it upon themselves to lock such a thread for 48 hours. We are aware that this may be an inconvenience to other members and we are sorry that [ members who have played no part in the said dispute and simply want to discuss and debate the issue ] may be inconvenienced by such an action.

It is hoped when the thread reopens members will be more civil.


Kathy made a point that is worth repeating. The admin do not always catch offences. We do rely a great deal on reports raised by members. We encourage members to use the report system to complain. That way it there is a genuine cause for concern then the administrators can attend to it immediately. That way concerns are not allowed to fester and grow well out of proportion. That way the admin are able to deal with the offence, rather than a member feeling offended and deciding to deal with the situation themselves.


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