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In January 2018, NARA released a new summary of all the remaining JFK documents that had not (up to that time) been fully released. (However, many were previously released with some redactions and others were released this week).

That January summary totals 791 pages.

The portion which summarizes FBI documents is 229 pages.  Each remaining FBI file number and each serial number is shown along with the total number of pages in each document.

I spent several hours looking up the most commonly-referenced FBI file numbers on the NARA summary and I can now report that:

(1)  There are no documents pertaining to Edwin Walker, Harry Dean, or the John Birch Society.  Nor are there any documents about the primary "plot" characters discussed by Dr. Caufield in his book.  [I searched every applicable FBI HQ and field office file number that might have produced some kind of hit.]

(2)  Many of the remaining documents are in the 92-series of FBI files.  The 92-series refers to "racketeering enterprise investigations".  Apparently, these docs are predominantly about Mob-connected individuals.  For example, one series of documents pertained to John Roselli.

(3)   I focused my attention upon the FBI file numbers which had the most listings -- and, often, they had the most pages too.  The subject of every one of the 104 FBI file numbers I researched was identifiable by searching it online.  Most of the time, the Mary Ferrell website produced a "hit" which identified each file subject.  In other cases, I saw a PDF copy of a document which NARA uploaded during the past year.


IT IS time for Paul to admit there is nothing to substantiate his (or Harry Dean's) "JBS plot" supposition.

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