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The FBI and the Rifle: the final story

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Note I did not head this Oswald and the Rifle. Because after this, I don't think Oswald had anything to do with the rifle transaction.

This is the most complete and detailed look at this whole imbroglio you will likely find anywhere.

After all is said and done, the whole transaction as listed in the WC is specious.

I will post the time line on the creation of the money order, which is fascinating.

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Gee would the CIA monitor/ work with Century Arms ..just asking ,gaal


And We Are All Mortal - Scribd

Oct 6, 2012 - Bureau exhibit D 156, furnished by the owner of Century Arms, gave ...... believe that Ellsworth was a criminal involved in Mexican smuggling. ...... The Lansky-Luciano-ONI-OSS cooperation was called "Operation Underworld.


Smuggling of firearms into Mexico - Wikipedia, the free ...
The most common smuggled firearms include AR-15 and AK-47 type rifles, and ..... the United States from Europe by Century Arms International despite a U.S. ...

Romanian weapons modified in the U.S. become scourge of ...
Center for Public Integrity
Feb 3, 2011 - Weapons at root of trafficking case were subject of an earlier Center probe ..... Its primary American customer: Century Arms. The relationship ...
WikiLeaks secret cables detail Delray firm's role in arms trade
The Palm Beach Post
Sep 11, 2011 - In this marketplace, Century Arms has prospered, trading in pistols, sniper ... illegal to trade or resell them without first getting U.S. permission.
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Yes I am Jim...

Let's see Jon:

There are five main sections - The Klein's internal Rifle records, The MicroFilm, the Money Order, shipping the rifle and retreiving the rifle by getting it home from Dallas to New Orleans to Irving.

The evidence which attempts to connect C2766 to Oswald is terribly inauthentic in that it's provenance is offered in conflicting reports and pysical evidence.

The physical evidence includes: the packing slips, the Klein's VC=Serial # sheet and the Order Blank. C2766 appears on 1 of 520 packing slips for 520 10-rifle cartons in the gun wholesaler Crescent's inventory which were sent from Italy arriving in the US in Oct 1960. On the evening of Nov 22, the FBI claims to have contacted Crescent's President Mr. Feldsott in NYC and learned from him that C2766 was sent to Kleins in June 1962. He provides documentation for this June order and the FBI states that

"Mr Feldsott advised that rifle number C2766 was among this shipment"

Feldsott's affidavit is in Vol 11 https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=45#relPageId=215&tab=page

The report and affidavit make it appear that the FBI took with them 10 packing slips for a June 1962 order on Nov 22nd, the evening of the assassination and prior to the FBI arriving at Klein's that evening.

These 10 packing slips become a Waldman exhibit since in March 1963, the FBI claims it received these slips from WALDMAN at Klein's and claims they are the slips for the Feb 1963 delivery of rifles. These are supposedly the same slips from Feldsott for June which have noew been repurposed for Feb. We are to remember that Waldman #1 - the order to Crescent - only shows the Feb 1963 shipment and the cancelled 36" TS rifle order replaced by "Beretta Terni M91/38" which in the world of Carcano is meaningless since those are two manufacturing locations and a generic description of a class of rifles, not a specific rifle.

To compound matters, there is no evidence available that shows that carton or that rifle were ever removed from it's storage although 434 cartons of rifles were removed after Aug 29th. So how do we know there really was a June 1962 shipment to Klein's?

The FBI refers to a conflict again in the evidence by stating that although they conclude that "C2766" was the rifle Klein's supposedly shipped to HIDELL, the records the FBI has found states that "N"2766 was sent in June, not "C". The FBI referring to a June order detail such as the serial number's prefix not matching means there was at one time June 1962 evidence (handed to the FBI by Feldsott according to his affidavit)

Not only is there no proof the rifle was ever removed and prepared for shipment, what records Klein's does have for June contradicts the serial number of the rifle found on the 6th floor. So how does it get related to the FEB shipment?

The second item of evidence is the Klein's internal document that matches incoming orders of rifle's serial numbers to Klein's VC# system. At least that is what we are told for we do not ever see another sheet of paper from Klein's which lists VC#'s and their matching Serial #'s.



Jon, it is my conclusion based on the analysis of this copy and the information available to the FBI that this docuemnt was created by the FBI by removing the numbers that originally appeared and randomly writing in the serial #'s of the 10 cases of rifles from the June 1962 order and replaceing "N" with "C"...

This is where I coined the term "Closed-loop corroboration". By writing C2766 and VC836 on the order blank at some point along the way and offering this page and the packing slips it APPEARS that the slips from Waldman represented the Feb shipment and this single page equates that rifle to the VC# also on the order. While these three pieces of evidence corroborate each other... they only represent the 100 rifles in question.

We never see another VC page for anything other than these 100 rifle

We never see another order for which one of these other 99 rifles was shipped

We never know what rifles Klein's used to ship C20-T750 orders prior to Feb 23, 1963

We never know what rifles Klein's used to ship C20-T750 orders starting with the April 1963 ads which run thru Sept at least

All we have are these three pieces of paper with C2766 on it and no recourse to the other day to day records of Klein's rifle inventory and shipping records. If any other 40" rifle was sent for a 36" carbine order, the FBI proves their point - but that never happens.

The Microfilm...

WCD7 p187, 188, 189 are a 2 page report and a 1 page report which are virtually identical except for one HUGE difference.. in the first the FBI leaves the Microfilm with WALDMAN in a safe under his control to be subpoenaed should the film be needed as evidence.

In the second, only over FBI SA DOLAN's name, the FBI - Dolan - takes the microfilm and gives Waldman a receipt. In later reports we learn that it is 2 weeks before this film is reproduced for the FBI with an extra copy given to Waldman.

What was originally on that microfilm is now impossible to tell since the roll of film has been removed from it's cannister at the Archives - John Armstrong specifically went one visit to find and copy what he could from it... this was in the mid 90's.

Since the same roill of film cannot be taken and left simultaneously... the chain of evidence related to what is pulled from that film does not exist.

The Money Order...

When I did a timeline based n the available evidence offered by the FBI, Postal Services and Secret Service (and Harry Holmes' story of how it was found) I come to find that the EVIDENCE tells us this one Postal Money Order was found no less than 4 times. Once in Kansas City in a SS report, Holmes' find by noon Dallas time, The first finding of it by the Postal Service at 10pm Washington DC time and finally a last time at 11:10 DC time when two men who have never been called to testify are involved in producing the PMO from the Federal Records Center in Alexandria VA.

We come to find that this slip of paper has no related stud int he book from which it was taken at the General Post Office,

No name of the man who finds the stub for Holmes or who Homes speaks to who tells him an hour later it was found.

No processing marks from either the 1st National in Chicago were it was deposited, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago which would process their member bank's deposits or the Postal service who would cancel said item and forward to Kansas City (per a Postal Inspector).

All we have is a stamp which almost completely matches Klein's' onthe back and the initials of the 3 men in VA who produce the PMO (a 4th signature is added on the 24th when the PMO is given to the FBI by the SS)

It never being processed cannot be dismissed by any means available. If it was never processed yet is produced 4 times in the evidence at 4 different locations... how can anything about this Money Order be authentic?

Futhermore, the evidence which would allow Oswald to purchase this PMO at one place and take a 2 hour walking round trip to mail it from a mailbox in another zone when he could have simply mailed it after he bought it brings even more difficulty to the Money Order legend.

The Shipping and Receiving of the package....

This can get a bit detailed - suffice to say, there is literally nothing in evidence to support that rifle ever being picked up from Klein's, or delivered to the Post Office with Oswald's Box. No notice of delivery, no form 2165 which is required to pick up firearms, no postal employee remembering Oswald or the package, no FBI reports between Jan and April 1963 informing them about a package sent to HIDELL at Oswald's box even though the FBi postal assets inform them of his move to Neely, his move from Neely, his new PO Box in New Orleans, and the kinds of magazines he was receiving.

What we do know is that he'd have to pick it up the week of March 25th and get it back to his Neely apartment (if that's where they really were) When Marina and June are picked up in Sept to go back to Irving leaving Oswald to be set up for Mexico City they pack the car and drive off.

After repeatedly asking Ruth and Michael who unloaded the car, about a rifle being unloaded, both state that they did not see a rifle first hand until they were shown it the night of Nov 22nd. How the rifle gets from Neely to Magazine to Irving is yet another mystery which cannot be explained.

The piece is significantly large and delves deeply into the Evidence's conflicts and lack of authentication.

That the rifle exists and is found on the 6th floor does not in itself prove it was ever anywhere else, let alone in Oswald's possession. This Closed-loop Corroboration is used repeatedly in the WCR evidence and at first glance appears sound until the desire to compare to any other "everyday rifle order for the same thing" is raised.

It seems that on Nov 25th Waldman claims he had the remaining inventory of identical rifles removed from inventory.

There are 86 cases of rifle in storage we never see or know what happens to

and finally there is a shipment from Canada of 1300 rifles which includes mention of "2766". Thess same inventory sheets for the 1300 rifles does not show a single prefix for a single rifle's serial #


There's more detail of course in the 75+ page piece as well as a link to the Money Order Timeline I created

http://www.ctka.net/ I am convinced that none of these 100 rifles was ever at Klein's as there is simply nothing offered to prove so.

I am convinced that none of these other 99 rifles was ever sent to anyone, used for any orders or given to anyone like the FBI.

That the FBI claims "N" 2766 was from the June shipment and there was no evidence of a "C"2766 ever received at Klein's.

If that is the case... how can C2766 be the rifle shipped to Hidell?


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Oh, you don't want to deal with new evidence which shows the rifle was never ordered or picked up. Just like Vince did not.

Complete garbage. There is no "new" evidence that proves your goofy "No Rifle Was Ordered" theory, Jimmy. Only the CT INTERPRETATION of the Klein's evidence. And it's an interpretation that's about as believable as the moonbat "No Airplanes Hit The World Trade Center" theories. It's THAT ridiculous. You should be thoroughly embarrassed at having written the following words -- "I don't think Oswald had anything to do with the rifle transaction." [J. DiEugenio; 8/5/15]

But evidently no theory is too fringe-like for Mr. DiEugenio. He's proven that fact over and over again:

22 Stupid Things James DiEugenio Believes

Joe Ball's 1964 retort to Mark Lane concerning Oswald's rifle purchase is just as true today as it was then. It's a great quote, and completely accurate:

"I've never heard such a major distortion of what is actually a conclusive fact." -- Joseph A. Ball; 12/4/64

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BTW, in the above, it really does look like the FBI blanked out the paper and then wrote down the serial numbers at random.

That was likely done to cover up the fact that the serial number of the rifle in evidence was not shipped when the FBI says it was.

Also something new: Why are there two stories about who had the microfilm last?

One says the FBI has it, the other says Waldman does.

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BTW, in the above, it really does look like the FBI blanked out the paper and then wrote down the serial numbers at random.

That was likely done to cover up the fact that the serial number of the rifle in evidence was not shipped when the FBI says it was.

Also something new: Why are there two stories about who had the microfilm last?

One says the FBI has it, the other says Waldman does.

The serial # thing is strange... Instead of unloading a carton and giving the 10 rifles sequential VC #'s... it appears that all the rifles are put in a pile and recorded randomly... Westra I believe even states that they look at each serial # to confirm the pacing slip.

Rupp ALWAYS included these slips inside and outside the cartons... but for the Feb 63 shipment, Waldman recants and claims these were mailed to him separately... the same slips Feldsott gave up.

There's no reason to make any of the other rifles traceable as they would never be traced.

As for the microfilm... do we even know that NOT filming the payment with the order and coupon and envelope was SOP for Klein's. Sure would be nice to see ANY other roll of those films or the copy DOLAN gave back to Klein's...

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"...and finally there is a shipment from Canada of 1300 rifles which includes mention of "2766". Thess same inventory sheets for the 1300 rifles does not show a single prefix for a single rifle's serial #....

Hmmmm....reminds me again of that email I received from Gerry Hemming in which he "implied very strongly" that the so-called "Oswald rifle" was actually sourced thru Montreal, rather than Chicago...

Hemming being Hemming, I still don't know what to make of that information.

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