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Michael Walton

Michael Walton

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On 12/19/2015 at 0:42 PM, Michael Walton said:

Deaf multimedia producer for over 25 years. Firm, practical believer of massive conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.


5 hours ago, Michael Walton said:


Although there may be some good stuff on EF, for the most part, it's one vast echo chamber of people getting into the nitty-gritty (a bystander with a white...no...gray...dress...no it's a head) over and over and over again stuck in an infinite loop with no real outcome, as well as a lot of loony, crazy, and silly theories (the cloned Oswald and his mom caper; the Z film being filmed at 48 FPS and then 67% of the frames removed; Ruby didn't shoot Oswald; and many, many more).

So I'm putting this here, not for you because we know where you stand, but for the true newbies out there just getting curious about the case, and to catch these newbies before they fall into the muck.

For newbies, please read these articles and volumes as a starting point to become educated about the JFK assassination. Go to these links first and read every word you can.  Then come back here and see how the things you will find here stand up:

James Douglass

How the media, at the early going, papered over what really happened:

Critique of the doorstop:

Pat Speer site - I do not agree with everything he says, but Speer is a great researcher.  Take the time to read about the ridiculous and fake 3D animation that the ABC television network tried to pass on to an unsuspecting public. Watch the videos there too:

Gil Jesus site - it has not been updated but a lot of good plausible stuff here:

Bill Simpich  - State Secret:

David Josephs - Oswald DID NOT go to Mexico City.  Why is this important?  Because the official story is he was down there meeting with a Russian assassin.  He was NOT there. Josephs writes about it here:

Jeff Carter - for newbies, there's a 26 second film shot of the assassination.  You may have seen it.  Remember - it was NOT doctored nor altered in any way, no matter what you read here on this forum.  Go here:

and here - note - this is unfortunately not a complete report, but it will explain further why the film was NOT altered in any way, no matter what you read on this forum:

Bart Kamp et. al. - the Prayer Man theory.  A very good one.  We will unfortunately never know until the TV station that owns the rights to the news film releases a pristine copy to be analyzed to see if the man in the corner is Oswald or not. They refuse to release it:

Finally, there will be documents released this fall (2017) purporting to be those remaining of the assassination. Knowing how things have gone with this case over the past 55 years, I don't expect anything earth-shattering but you never know.


Michael, How would you like me to address you on these forums? I would be happy to oblige. In case you were interested in the manner in which I would prefer to be addressed, I will let you know that I prefer Michael, or Mike. CLARK does not work for me. I'd hate to play silly games, and I would regard it as unbecoming of the dignity and respect for which I believe this forum would like to be known, but I would probably find myself, in times of failing, finding some manner to address you which I think you would not appreciate. Let's work together Michael. Lets not grind any axes for public display. What do you say?



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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Michael Walton said:


OMG you're actually "testing" computer things on a public forum?!  Can't you just start a private blog like with Blogger and test there?  This is NOT your personal playground, Mike! Jesus! Is it any wonder people are fleeing this forum in droves?

Mr. Walton, I am gaining proficiency in transcribing, and using my voice-type features to assist in that endeavor. To be sure, I did the test transcribing and editing on my device. The transcription that I have provided here is the result of that. Newspaper articles are sometimes difficult to read and it is not possible to pull a phrase, sentence, or paragraph in order to make a point. So we end up with old copies of articles with highliter being used for that purpose. My transcription is now available for anyone to copy, save or transfer, in whole or in part, anywhere they want. 

More importantly, I am trying to transcribe important recorded interviews that are difficult to hear, either due to recording quality or people talking over one-another. I would think that this would be especially interesting to you, and that you would be apreciative of such an effort. I will be sure to bring my first transcriptions to your attention, regardless of your penchant for mocking, ridiculing and distrubting the efforts of others.


Edited by Michael Clark

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When it works, great, then use it.  Don't make it a post though - it just disrupts the thread. Who cares if you're "testing" something.  I don't and I'm sure others don't either.

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4 hours ago, Michael Walton said:

When it works, great, then use it.  Don't make it a post though - it just disrupts the thread. Who cares if you're "testing" something.  I don't and I'm sure others don't either.

If the photo-copied newspaper article was worth posting, a transcription of that article is worth posting. 

Should I look-forward to receiving a grade from you, going forward, on all of my posts? 

You ask: " who cares..?.... I don't"; and then you speak for others... Hmm... You should save that for your comments on YouTube and the places you dwell under the cover of a pseudonym.  


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Mike, come on. This whole forum is about the JFK assassination. We should try to stick to that topic.  Test out your new-fangled software or gadget or gizmo elsewhere.  You have plenty of off-line options.  Then when it works and if you want to somehow incorporate this gizmo into your JFK research, great.

I mean think about it. You and me and others are not the only ones who visit this site. Tom Graves also called you out a while back on how you posted 7 or 10 empty "reserve" posts on a thread.  It was like - WTF?

There should be a certain etiquette to *how* you use a forum and Graves's call out and mine are two examples of how you don't seem to understand or are too stubborn to consider the point we're trying to get across.  But now you'll once again accuse me of being arrogant or a playground basher or whatever without holding up the mirror to see the point I and others have tried to make with you all along.

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