Below is the link to Lisa Pease's masterly, milestone article originally published in Probe in two parts. Why is it a milestone? In two ways. First, it actually shows how the CIA was working with a corporation to stave off the Castro revolution, and then to probably do away with Castro. We don't get this kind of detail for these relationships often. Secondly, in part two, she shows how the horrendous 1965 overthrow of Sukarno in Indonesia was related to the JFK murder. Please note the chart on page 26, as to how fast the reversal came. I was completely unaware of this at the time. But it really opened my eyes and I realized, "Hey, we are being bamboozled. Kennedy was not just about Vietnam and Cuba. That is what they want us to think. This stuff was going on all over the world." I then found Mahoney's book on Congo, and we then did a two parter on that epochal struggle--which had also been ignored inside the critical community. At times, we get engulfed in minutiae--trajectory analysis, autopsy analysis, ballistics analysis, who was Ruby?--etc. As Fletcher Prouty once said, that is the scenery. It distracts us from the Big Picture. For as I have said, the cover up about Kennedy the man is as big and as dense as the cover up about his murder. Because the latter is directly related to the former. This was one of the first examinations that exposed that second cover up. I think it was one of the ten best articles Probe ever produced.