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David Lifton teases Final Charade on the Night Fright Show

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On 8/29/2018 at 11:12 AM, David Lifton said:

Response:  Sort of. . . As I recall, one of the two FBI agents called the FBI, and in that phone call, was informed the the FBI Lab had received a bullet that was found on a Dallas stretcher.  Either during that call---or it was a second call (I'm not sure)--one of the agents inquired (or was informed , by Humes) about a bullet that would dissolve--an "ice bullet."  I  addressed all of this in a post written several years ago, because to me, it was an example of Humes dark sense of humor, and in fact he was making reference to a "bad guy" character in the Dick Tracy cartoon strip, who fired "ice bullets." Something like that.  Perhaps someone can locate my post on the subject. I actually did some research on the cartoon strip, so I could get the correct quote(s), and attribute it (or them) to the proper character.  I was my belief that if in fact Humes was alluding to the Tracy cartoon strip, then he was not (at all) fooled by the "bulletless" body, and was making a sarcastic reference to it.  DSL 6/29/2018 - 8:10 AM PDT

From [Francis X. O'Neill's 4/6/2005 interview by Brian R. Hollstein from *The Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation* (SFSAFBI)] http://www.nleomf.org/assets/pdfs/nlem/oral-histories/FBI_O-Neill_interview.pdf


F: [...] We just flipped him over. Jim Sibert said, “What is that right there?”  In the upper right hand back, there was a hole and the doctor said, “Oh, my God, that’s a bullet hole.” So I am closer to him, to the body, than I am to you now. The doctors took their surgical probes. First of all, they tried to insert a finger in the hole, then they took the surgical probe and they probed with their fingers in the back. What happened? How come no point of exit?  


We hadn’t got up to the head yet, but there was still quite a big hole there. So Jim left then. One of us decided that Jim would be the one to call the Bureau and he called the Bureau, the laboratory, and he said, “Look, we are here, we have a body and a bullet hole, but there’s no bullet. Could it be an ice bullet like Dick Tracy? The Bureau said they just found a bullet on a stretcher in Dallas and it was a silver, pristine type bullet.  


So we came back and told that to the doctors and the doctor said, “Ah, that explains it. The bullet that was shot through the upper back here worked its way through external cardiac massage.” They knew they did that down in Dallas most probably. Rather than saying “most probably,” and there is no question in our minds that that particular bullet was in the back, fell out and landed on the stretcher.

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