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John Butler

Mary's Polaroid, no shooting there

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When I said Tague encountered a police offer under the north end of the overpass, I should have said the south end (post corrected). At least I didn't miss it by far!


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Do you know the name of the police officer Tague encountered?

In the area were DPD officers J. W. Foster and J. C. White on the Triple Underpass.  Over on the railroad overpass over the Stemmons freeway was DPD officers Earle Brown and James Lomax.  They were located as follows from Brown's testimony:

Mr. BALL. Where were they from where you were standing?
Mr. BROWN. From where I was standing they would be about half way between - no, they would be up more toward that other overpass, whet they call the triple underpass.
Mr. BALL. The triple underpass?
Mr. BROWN. Yea.
Mr. BALL. You were about 100 yards from the triple underpass?
Mr. BROWN. Approximately; yes.
Mr. BALL. Was there anybody standing on the triple underpass?
Mr. BROWN. On the triple underpass?
Mr. BALL. Yes.
Mr. BROWN. Yes, sir; they had at least two officers.
Mr. BALL. Anybody but police officers?
Mr. BROWN. Not that I know of. I didn't recall anyone.

There was also another police officer on Main St. on a 3 wheeler.  I don't remember his name.

Other than these I don't know any other.

It is interesting that Officer Brown does not locate the 10 or so railroad workers on the railroad bridge.


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1 hour ago, John Butler said:


Do you know the name of the police officer Tague encountered?


No. The officer disappears in Tague's later accounts.



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On 1/23/2017 at 8:53 AM, John Butler said:

I don’t think anyone fired a shot at the presidential limousine as it passed the Grassy Knoll.  If someone did, then they missed and the shot went into the grass in the grassy area between Elm Street and Main Street.  The best evidence on this is Mary Moorman’s Polaroid. 

To demonstrate this I will use the Parkland Doctor’s description of the Kennedy head wound.  This was attested to by 40 medical people at Parkland Hospital. The head wound was caused by a shot that struck President Kennedy’s right temple and exited in the rear of his head in the occipital region. 

The firing angles for that wound are all wrong there at the Grassy Knoll for that shot.  If someone shot President Kennedy from the Badge Man’s position then it would look something like this.


Although others say different, I consider the Mannlicher Carcano a high powered rifle.  It fires a round at about 2,000 feet per second. The Mannlicher has enough velocity and power to pass through two bodies.  Other rifles need to be considered also.

The black line shows the firing angle from the Badge Man’s position.  Jackie Kennedy would have been wounded as the round passed through President Kennedy and perhaps killed her.

At the least she would have been covered with blood and other body materials.  This is not evident in photos taken afterwards.  Her clothing and hair are not heavily covered with blood and other matter.

What about other places on the Grassy Knoll.  There could have been other shooters or shooting from other places on the Grassy Knoll.  The next modified copy of Mary Moorman’s Polaroid attempts to deal with that issue.


The firing angles in this photo are still wrong.  They indicate that the further you move to the west the greater the opportunity to place correctly the firing angle to produce President Kennedy’s head wound in front of the Grassy Knoll.

There, I have placed myself into deep water.  In other posts I have said it is not possible to prove someone fired a shot from the 6th floor sniper’s nest beyond a reasonable doubt.  

Here I’m saying that when the limousine was in front of the Grassy Knoll no one fired at the President from the Grassy Knoll. If someone did, they missed.

Well, we know that someone shot the President from some place.  But, from where did that happen?



Keyvan>> In my opinion and from my research, the shot that blew JFK's head seems to come from the pergola, the second window from the top.  If you look to the left of Mr. Zapruder, there seems to be a person standing and hiding half of his body in one front entrance to the pergola.  See attached photo.  This shooter, who I believe is Harold Doyle, shot Governor Connaly in the back.moorman-full.thumb.jpg.7c79134190e2083fe3a925ca1d07e04d.jpg

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