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James DiEugenio

Who was Richard Cain?

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I read Michael Cain's "The Tangled Web" biography of Richard Cain.

I thought that it was informative enough, but it couldn't have covered the breadth of Cain's activities and interests, unless Cain chronicled them with his half-brother, which is highly doubtful.

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On ‎9‎/‎26‎/‎2017 at 7:00 AM, Gene Kelly said:

Bill Simpich wrote about Cain in "State Secret" and associates him with Harvey and the Mexico City intrigues:

Richard Cain was a crooked cop in Chicago who worked with Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli. The CIA’s Office of Security was so nervous about Cain in 1967 that stated the Agency had never “employed or utilized” him, while the Chicago field office referred to Cain in 1961 as “our private eye. Cain was apparently an inside source for Harvey himself, as his skills with wiretaps and myriad connections with the Chicago criminal underground were just what Harvey and Roselli needed. In the words of Peter Dale Scott, “a CIA component willing to collaborate with Giancana’s men in assassination would certainly have no problem in recruiting Giancana’s electronic expert for a wiretap operation.”

Cain also had reason to be angry at Mexico City station chief Win Scott; Cain had been deported from Mexico in 1962, based on a tip to interior minister Gustavo Diaz that Cain was investigating Mexican citizens... a tip that materialized after Cain visited Scott at the Mexico City station, looking for work. Diaz’s tip led to the discovery that Cain was impersonating a treasury agent – probably a DFS officer - while he was working at the treasury department and conducting these trainings.

Cain spoke Spanish, had a Mexican wife, and enjoyed living in Mexico much of the time. He had wiretapped the Czech embassy in Mexico City. The odds are good that Cain trained one or more of the very DFS and Mexican army officers that worked inside the intercept center in Mexico City. A connection with any of the officers at the intercept center would have been an ideal way for someone like Harvey or Morales to introduce false information about Oswald within the insecure LIENVOY wiretap system. During the midst of his reports on the Chicago FPCC in the fall of 1963, Cain was in touch with the DRE’s military coordinator.  Allegedly an ex-Army Intelligence officer, we know Cain helped the CIA during the early sixties as an informant.  Cain had gone to Cuba to assassinate Castro in late 1960, and barely escaped with his life.  Tilton learned about Cain’s work just days before starting his own anti-FPCC program. Both Simmons and Cain had a history of investigating the FPCC.


Thanks for reminding us of Bill Simpich's interest in Richard Cain.

In my reading, this narrative links Richard Cain with the Radical Right in the USA and in Mexico City.   Insofar as Richard Cain was linked to roguish CIA agent William King Harvey, we do not have a CIA plot -- we have a CIA Rogue plot.

JFK and RFK had exiled William Harvey to Italy for the end of his career, because William Harvey had insisted upon sending Cuba Raid groups against Cuba even during the Cuban Missile Crisis, after he was directly ordered by the White House to "cease and desist."

This was obvious insubordination.  The CIA high-command gladly exiled William Harvey -- a loose cannon" -- rather than fire him to public scandal, because William Harvey had been a tremendous war hero during the early Cold War, by leading a CIA team to build an underground tunnel between West Berlin and East Berlin in 1948.

RFK's statement about William Harvey is in this YouTube video, from minute 3:40 to minute 4:40  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhszHjeYjA4

So -- linking Richard Cain to William Harvey is pretty important.  Also, linking Richard Cain to Mexico City is also important, if we can find Cain there between 26 September and 2 October 1963.

--Paul Trejo

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