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This is where I draft new presentations.

Please do not post anything in this thread.
It will fade away into obscurity (except for me) as long as nobody posts to it.


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I'm going to do a writeup based on your recent post. Maybe you can help me by finding photos... you seem to remember better than I where they are. It won't be that much work and I'll give you credit as coauthor.

Suggestions are welcome. Just reply to this thread any time.

The draft of my writeup will be in the post following this one.


Proof that Bart Kamp's Gloria Calvery is NOT Gloria Calvery

This proof is short very easy to follow.

Forget about Gloria Calvery for now. Let's talk about the three girls in the photos below.

According to their FBI affidavits, these three women stood together along Elm Street to watch the motorcade go by.

These are known/accepted photos of them when they were in high school. Except for the darker skinned one, Stella Mae Jacob,, for which we have only the Dealey Plaza photos. Note that she is a native American.


Stella-Mae-Jacob.jpg     Jean-Holt-1962.jpg     Sharon-Simmons-1960-HS-Pic_zpsa0kxtsoh.jpg

Left:      Stella Mae Jacob
Middle:  Gloria Jean Holt
Right:     Sharron Simmons

FBI Affidavits

We know these three woman were standing together because they said so in their FBI affidavits:

Stella Mae Jacob:  "I am an Indian female.... I was accompanied by Sharon Simmons, now Mrs. Nelson, and [Gloria] Jeanne Holt, both employees of the Texas School Book Depository."

Gloria Jean Holt:  "I was accompanied by Sharon Simmons, now Mrs. Nelson, and Stella Jacob, both-employees of the Texas School Book Depository."

Sharon Simmons:  "I was with [Gloria] Jeannie Holt, 2521 Pleasant Drive, Dallas, and Stella Jacob, 508 South Marsalis, Dallas, at the time the President was shot."

(Source, pages 43 , 48, 69)

Note that Stella Mae Jacob described herself as being an Indian. This explains her darker skin. Note also that all three worked at the TSBD.

And Here They Are!

Anybody can look through Dealey Plaza photos and find these women. Since they were standing together, all we need to do is find one and the other two should be there with her.

And here they are! The top frame was taken when they were waiting for the motorcade to arrive, and the bottom frame shortly after the shooting. (They had moved back onto the grass.) Clearly, the three women on the right comprise our group of three  women.


The woman labeled as "Unidentified dark skinned woman" has since been identified as the the native American of the group, Stella Mae Jacob. Everybody agrees that is her in the two frames. And from that we know, that the other two must be Gloria Jean Holt and Sharron Simmons.

But for fun let's compare them to their high school photos:

Stella-Mae-Jacob.jpg                                   Jean-Holt-1962.jpg          Sharon-Simmons-1960-HS-Pic_zpsa0kxtsoh.jpg
(Dealey Plaza Photo)


Not surprisingly the high school photos match. Everything jibes.

But Bart Kamp Claims Differently

Normally I don't care much what individual researchers believe. But in this case I do. Why? Because Bart is the undisputed champ and expert when it comes to the dismantling of the Second Floor Encounter. He has a lot of influence over others and can steer them in either the right or wrong direction.

I'm afraid that in this case he is wrong. And I'm afraid that, because of that, some of his his work is flawed.

That is why I am stepping up and trying to nip this in the bud.

Here is how Bart is wrong. We know from the FBI affidavits and the photos that the light-haired woman above is Gloria Jean Holt. From the color frame above it looks like she's a strawberry blonde. Well Bart claims that this strawberry blonde isn't Gloria Jean Holt at all. He says she is Gloria Calvery... this woman:



But how can Bart be right? We already know who the three women are. The answer is that he NOT right. He is basing his opinion of the 55- year old memories of Karen Westbrook. She was shown the Zapruder frame that shows only the backs of the heads and somehow decided she was one of the women













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As a matter of fact, yes.

As I noted, modern crowns (those made since the late 1950s) have been largely porcelain fused to metal (PFM) types, like these:


These fail when the porcelain delaminates from the metal substructure.

The PFM crown was preceded by porcelain jacket crowns (PJC), the type that would have been used in LEE's bridgework. Note that they were solid porcelain... no metal substructure in these.


These are the ones that were prone to breaking up due to microcracks in the porcelain.

The one thing we haven't considered is, what would it look like if the front part of one of these fake teeth crumbled off. This would would expose an abutment tooth. The abutment tooth is what left after a dentist grinds it down in preparation for using it to anchor the bridgework.


I suspect that the discoloration we see in the photo might be from an exposed abutment tooth. There are a number of diseases that will cause a tooth to become darkened, including the death of a tooth.

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