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Michael Clark

Larry Crafard, employee of Ruby until 11-23-63

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10 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

Hi David.  An interesting aside I stumbled across in reference to you much appreciated picture.

From "Contract on America', David Scheim, 1989.  Pg. 579 end notes referencing pg. 169.  "There is no possibility that Crafard could have been mistaken for Oswald since Crafard "had no front teeth", "was creepy", "looked like a bum", "and had sandy hair" as witnesses described him.  (CE 2403: Karen Carlin Exhibit 5318), whereas Oswald was  good looking ,had all of his front teeth, and had brown hair (WR 126; CE 3002).

The first time I read this tonight I stopped, looked out the window and thought "huh".  Then I Laughed Out Loud.

Another image...  the 5 Oswald "look-a-likes"

Lee, Igor, the short guy (name escapes me), Crafard and Vallee...

With regards to the missing teeth...  I am starting a thread that shows Oswald had a prosthetic/bridge/denture in his mouth when he entered the Marines....
I bet if he took that out, he too would have a tooth problem out front...


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Researcher Hasan Yusuf (a very friendly guy) mentioned to me at the ROKC Melbourne conference last year that Crafard played a significant role in Greg Parker's overall thesis about the assassination.  He mentioned a couple of specifics, which I won't paraphrase as I'll probably get the details wrong.  I helped out Greg a little with the editing of his first volume on Oswald, but haven't yet had the time to dig into the second volume or Greg's updated compilation of both works.

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Crafard in addition to likely fearing for his life probably didn't want to be questioned about possibly Oswald and other things. 

Like on pg. 60 of The Ruby Cover Up by Seth Kantor about Crafard witnessing Ruby pulling a gun on a Earl Norman about 11/14/63.  Shouldn't something like that have been of interest to the Warren Omission?

Or pg. 104.  "in the days leading up to the assassination... calls from an unidentified man who would never leave a message".   Crafard asked Ruby about the strange calls and was told to "mind his own business".

I'd guess Larry knew more than he wanted to, likely by accident.  But he knew enough to get the hell out of Dodge, in this case Dallas before he was silenced.  When found he cooperated fully, like say Jarman.. 


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On 12/8/2017 at 10:42 AM, David Josephs said:

I knew Igor... at the top right.. has 3 names...  was like 5'3"....

arrested in Irving maybe??

Off the top of my head....  The police stopped by his house on the 23rd after a complaint (from his wife?), checked his gun and concluded that there was nothing to be seen there. He then took off to Philadelphia in a red car, possibly a camero and maybe a convertible, and returned to Dallas within days, with a different car.

His departure on Saturday leads me to surmise that Crafard may have gone with him, some of the way.

His story is interesting because some researcher (Slandria, Tink Thompson, Fonzi?) caught up to him some years later and had one or more lengthy interviews with him. 

Ill check what I just wrote with a re-read when I can.



***edit. ok, time to fact check my memory. First off, it wasn't a camaro which was introduced in 1966.

***it was a Thunderbird. Regarding the rest, reading Bill Kelly's  introduction to that thread gets you pretty far, there is no need for me to summarize.


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