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Michael Clark

JDF:Flashpoint the movie

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Who has seen this movie? What did you think?

I saw it on HBO, back in 1984 or 5. I was 15 years old and it struck me very deeply. I knew that there was something messed-up with the official story. My parents never discussed it; slightly to the point where it's non-discussion made it suspicious to me. I was a curious kid; curious about History and Politics. I know that I watched too much TV with my dad. He never watched anything that was of any interest to anyone but himself. So, as a child, I watched to much news, politics, war documentaries, and golf. I hate golf.

In the movie, Flashpoint, you get no clue that the movie is about the JFK Assassination until the end. I remember being shocked, and wondering if I should have been watching it at all. That is an indication about my sensibilities regarding the subject, as a 15 year old, in 1984. It took some time but thereafter I slowly opened-up to the subject as something that could be discussed.

Anyway, I, for the first time since 1984, recently watched the movie. I think it is a great movie.





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At 22:00  "you pick up wetbacks in chihuaja, you back them in anything on wheels,

You promise them freedom and you give them death,  you are an assassin, you are a butcher!"


Not much has changed in 33 years, Rip Torn is great, great movie.

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Yes, this is one of my favorites. In fact, for years I'd invite friends to watch as ruse to peek there interest in the assassination. It worked every time.

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