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Douglas Caddy

Comey's alleged leak of his unclassified report

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This morning I watched This Week with George Stepanopoulos on ABC News. Trump lawyer George Sukolow alleged that Comey's providing his friend, a professor at Columbia University, with a copy of the unclassified report that he had prepared immediately after his meeting with President Trump was an unprecedented and potentially illegal act by an FBI official, especially so after his friend at Columbia University took steps to make certain The New York Times published an article about the contents of the report. Senator Mike Lee (R- Utah) basically took the same anti-Comey line. Where have these two guys been? Living in Neverland? Have they not heard of Deep Throat, who was Mark Felt, FBI Assistant Director, and who on more than one occasion provide materials to Bob Woodward at the Washington Post, materials that were adverse to President Nixon? What Comey did was in accordance with what Felt did and the media today celebrates Felt as a courageous hero. So is Comey.

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