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Wade Frazier

My Media and Political Studies - What That Ride Was Like

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To finish up my media and political studies posts for now, my introduction was my radicalizing ride with Dennis.  That set the stage for everything that followed.  We ran into capitalism on steroids (or, you could say, it ran into us  :) ), and I have continually seen people overplay the influence of retail politics and the military and underplay the capitalist interests.  Capitalist interests run the show, not retail politicians or the military.  Politicians are puppets, the media is the mouthpiece, writing the first draft of “history,” and the military is the muscle.  

Ever since JFK was taken out, American presidents have all been puppets, and even Uncle Noam has stated as much.  He said that Lyndon Johnson was visited by Wall Street’s “wise men,” and less than a week later, he announced that he would not run for reelection.

There has been a battle between Right and Left over “conspiracy theories,” which have been as American as apple pie since the Declaration of Independence, and such “conspiratorial” views go back to the Classic Greeks, as they formed their democracy.  All sorts of “wacky” conspiracy theories have turned out to be true (1, 2), and those are just the tip of the iceberg.  I know that the technologies that could usher in the Fifth Epoch have long existed on Earth, but are under hyper-elite control, and they actively suppress any efforts to independently develop them.  People often dismiss all of that as a conspiracy theory, but when you live through it, it is no theory.

In the end, my media and political studies were invaluable for understanding many proximal causes of our situation.  The ultimate cause has always lied in the economic end, not the political end, of societal dynamics.  The only two things that exist in the universe are energy and consciousness, and understanding those are the key to our future, if it is to be a positive one (which is by no means guaranteed).  Retail politics is useless for righting the ship, as is all “alternative” politics that focuses on the elite and hacks at branches.  Politics has always been about how to slice up humanity’s scarce economic pie, and open imperialism is once again raising its head.  In a world of abundance, all of today’s political stripes become obsolete, as well as elites.  

It is all about what we do, not them.  Going for the root is the only path that I am interested in, and is likely the only approach with a prayer, and that effort has to be grounded in love.  It would not take many of us to right the ship, which is what my work is about.  



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