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Douglas Caddy

David Talbot on Trump boy toy Peter Thiel

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David Talbot posted the following on Facebook today:

When it comes down to it, the tech elite -- as represented by the likes of Trump boy toy Peter Thiel, destroyer of free speech and free market fanatic -- ranks right up there with the most despicable plutocrats in capitalist history, despite their self-fawning mantras of "doing no evil." If you want to look at their libertarian philosophy in action, look no further than their capital, San Francisco. where they've succeeded in "disrupting" much of the city's heralded progressive values. The city is becoming a human and moral wasteland, with armies of the evicted and neglected and mentally ill roaming the streets while baby billionaires and their geeky workforces stare at their screens in vacant wonder. Utopia has become dystopia literally overnight in SF, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and its soulless ideology.

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