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Tracking Oswald Part 5

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On 7/17/2017 at 5:33 PM, Sandy Larsen said:


I haven't devised my own interpretation of the photo. I'm lacking the Dr. Mantik says that the Mystery Photo was taken from the back of Kennedy's head. But when I read Dr. Mantik's description of its features, it seems to me that the camera was (in Mantik's view) really aimed approximately at the cowlick area.) So not a true posterior view.


By "cowlick area", do you mean the lower parietal area right above the tip of the occipital bone? I'm wondering if that would leave enough room to remove the brain. Even if it could be a big enough hole, you need enough room to cut the tentorium cerebelli. I've seen videos where they cut the spinal cord by lifting the brain and reaching under the front part, but if I understand correctly you do need a decent amount of occipital bone removed to cut the tentorium cerebelli. 

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