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Ron Bulman

The Paine Files

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On ‎7‎/‎23‎/‎2017 at 5:38 PM, Ron Bulman said:

Now this turns up.  The first thing Jenner says is "this is a continuation...of Mrs. Paine's testimony...we had concluded late in the day yesterday".  This was on Saturday the 21st.  So she testified on Friday the 20th too?


Yes, she did, and IT was a resumption of testimony on the day before that per Senator Cooper's opening statement!


Naturally the testimony of Thursday 3/19/64 starts with "Testimony of Ruth Paine Hyde RESUMED" at 9:05, they recessed at 12:45 that day.  Friday's 91 single spaced pages are quite tedious, covering the whole day.  Repetitious too.  The curtain rods are curved on the end?  Yes, they curve around to where they connect to the bracket mounted on the wall.  Later,  We did determine that the curtain rods are curved on the ends?  Yes.  How long are they?  Condensed 36'', expanded... Thursday was only 42 single spaced pages.


Apparently they did come back Thursday afternoon.  Look at the part before the start of Fridays testimony.  "Whereupon at 5:30 PM the President's Commission recessed."  I've not found anything on the Thursday afternoon or Wednesday the 18th testimony.

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If 3/19 begins with testimony of Ruth Hyde Paine Resumed, and its at 9:05, then there must have been something on the day before right?

Or did they begin with off the record matters? If so, that is really unusual.

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