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Douglas Caddy

The deep history of the radical right’s stealth plan for America

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Great article Doug, and definitely the most cogent article you've posted regarding the real war of ideas going on now.The real struggle is as lost now to the average person as the meaning  of  the Assassination of John Kennedy was lost in say, 1965. I'll highlight what I feel  are some major passages.

The Definition of "exploitation" to this group with this plan::

"but what was exploitation was when less-wealthy citizens went to government for things like public education, good roads, canals and all those kinds of things. So he actually posed it as what we would call today makers and takers. So Calhoun saw himself as a maker and saw other citizens, white citizens at the time, who were the ones voting for these things, as takers, and that idea flowed into modern libertarianism — this notion that there isn’t exploitation in the economic realm, the exploitation comes from the political realm, where majorities gang up on minorities of propertied individuals."


And this about a social safety  net:

"I think you could also watch for their language. This is a cause that has opposed social security from its creation. These people are totally hostile to the principle of social insurance. They think we should all be individually responsible for our needs, ultimately. But they also know that that’s a terribly unpopular thing to say. Huge majorities of American people support Social Security, support Medicare, want to make them better and stronger. Buchanan advised in great detail about Social Security at the beginning of the early 1980s. What they need to do is fear monger and create a sense of crisis that these programs are unsustainable, they’ll never be solvent. So they use an Orwellian language of reform when really what they want to do is undermine the program. I think the first thing to do would be ask them fundamental questions, like do you support the principle of Social Security, do you support the principle of Medicare? "

Yes, do you support "the principle" of Social Security, the principle of Medicare? That question could be asked of say, Rand Paul tomorrow! You see such fearmongering all the time about the sustainability of Social Security.  A  majority of Americans under 40 have come to believe that they probably won't have it,  so the letdown won't be as bad. It's a total fraud, but until they realize it's within their power as citizens to demand certain economic rights, they will probably lose them.

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