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SAP Business Objects

SAP BO (Business Objects) specializes in Business Intelligence. Business Objects is an enterprise software company, where enterprise software is designed to fulfill the needs of the organizations. This is available as a suite of customizable programs. SAP AG has acquired BO in 2007.

The Core Product/Flag ship product of SAP BO is SAP BO XI. The components include performance management, planning, reporting, query and analysis and enterprise information management. Consulting and Education services are also offered by BO which helps the users to deploy its Business Intelligence projects.

SAP Business Objects BI (also known as BO or BOBJ) is a suite of front-end applications that allow business users to view, sort and analyze business intelligence data.

BusinessObjects is an integrated query, reporting and analysis solution for business professionals that allows you to access the data in your corporate databases directly from your desktop and present and analyze this information in a BusinessObjects document. BusinessObjects makes it easy to access this data because you work with it in business terms that are familiar to you, not technical database terms like SQL. Once you’ve used BusinessObjects to access the data you need, you can present the information in reports as simple as tables or as sophisticated as dynamic documents with drillable charts. You can then save those documents for your own personal use, send them to other users, or publish them to the corporate repository for potentially even broader circulation.

BusinessObjects makes it easy to access data from your corporate database because it has a business-intelligent, semantic layer that isolates you from the technical issues of the database. This semantic layer is called a universe. A 26 Accessing Data and Data Analysis Introduction to BusinessObjects universe maps to data in the database, using everyday terms that describe your business environment. This means you can select exactly the data that interests you using your own business terminology. In your company or organization, universes are created by a universe designer, using BusinessObjects Designer. The designer then makes universes available to you and other users, so that you can access the data you want from the database through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

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