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Naresh Konda

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Supports Prospect Engagement and Lead Management

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With Cat-Like Reflexes and Dynamics CRM, How You Can Stalk New Sales

Your company is always on the prowl for new prospects. So how can you make sales prospecting easier? The challenge increases in industries with long sales cycles. And, no industry can avoid fence-sitting potential customers.

Therefore, once your sales or marketing team captures a prospect, hold it beneath your paws. Feed that prospect, pamper it with careful listening. That will reveal your prospects’ particular needs. It will also spur storytelling about their past experiences and disappointments. And maybe you will have the opportunity to share how your company can help your prospect reach their goals.

This process of prospect engagement and lead nurturing typically runs through the marketing department, not sales. And CRM can make the process easier. Specifically, Dynamics CRM features the capability to distribute messages and measure response to them. Plus, Dynamics CRM software includes tools that help your marketing team set priorities and takes care of repetitive tasks so that your marketing department can focus on more important activities. Marketing can focus on producing content, and Dynamics CRM can assess success.

Dynamics CRM can help target prospects more effectively. And, it doesn’t matter if communications take the form of webinars, videos or live events. White papers, company blogs and online community/social media messages can be measured, too. When prospects register for research your company has conducted or a lunch-and-learn hosted by an executive, marketing snags contact information and maybe more.

Then Marketing can decide how to build interest in your offerings through subsequent communications. Marketing can nudge contacts to identify ready buyers, decision makers and influencers – and use Dynamics CRM to manage the lead and track the prospect’s progress through the buying cycle so they’re ready to turn the prospect over to Sales at the right moment.

For more on engaging and nurturing potential customers to best meet their needs and your sales quotas, attend our on-demand webinar, Propect Engagement and Lead Nurturing.

In the on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • The content you need for every stage of your prospect’s buying cycle to speed their decision
  • Taking repetitive tasks out of marketers hands so they can focus on more effective activities
  • More effective targeting of prospects
  • Improving the prospect’s experience so they buy faster
  • Better, more effective email marketing
  • Lead management
  • Multichannel marketing
  • Plus more!

For More Details about MicroSoft Dynamics CRM Visit: TekSlate

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