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Joe Bauer

Looks Like Rob Reiner's Film LBJ Is A Huge Box Office Flop.

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LBJ film has been laid to rest next to "Parkland."

Although nothing could truly compare to "Parkland" as a box office bomb failure.

Dec 1-3 Gross ... $13,070 ?   

LBJ Budget $35,000,000.

Barely made 1/15th of that.

(click to view chart)
Rank Weekend
Theaters Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week
Nov 3–5 14 $1,110,565 - 659 - $1,685 $1,110,565 1
Nov 10–12 21 $486,285 -56.2% 608 -51 $800 $2,062,231 2
Nov 17–19 35 $90,564 -81.4% 135 -473 $671 $2,359,952 3
Nov 24–26 45 $25,545 -71.8% 33 -102 $774 $2,419,149 4
Dec 1–3 54 $13,070 -48.8% 26 -7 $503 $2,443,358 5

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OMG...that Air Force 1 swearing-in scene film photo is perversely cringing!

Woody Harrelson looks like he is wearing a stiff wooden LBJ mask!  A laughably amateurish Holloween type one at that. And those elephant sized ears! 

And the Jackie Kennedy actor. The power of the real photo is the absolutely traumatized terror expression on the face of the real Jackie Kennedy.  A photo of Jackie that stays in your memory forever because of it's almost unfathomable grief and shock. This LBJ film photo depicts Jackie as if she was merely uncomfortable and bored.


And why don't we see the infamous reproduction of Albert Thomas's sick smiling congratulatory wink he gives LBJ when the swearing-in ceremony is over and LBJ turns toward him?

Edited by Joe Bauer

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