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Jim Hargrove

New Article by John Armstrong

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Clearly McBride originally thought that Oswald was with him in '57. And clearly when Lifton showed McBride proof -- a Marines document -- that Oswald couldn't have been with him, McBride had no choice than to change his recollection.

The same thing happened with some of the Parkland doctors who said the gaping wound was on the back of JFK's head. When shown proof --the BOH photo -- that they must be wrong, they had no choice than change their recollection.

But not all the Parkland doctors bought what they saw in the photo. They realized there was a third possibility... that the photo had been faked.

Same thing with McBride. After Lifton's brow-beating, McBride put more thought into the timing and realized he had been right from the beginning. He realized that there was a third possibility... that there were two Oswalds. One with him in '57 and the other in the Marines in '57.

Kudos to the principled Parkland doctors and McBride for sticking to their guns.


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Mr. Parnell, as usual, wants to claim the H&L evidence is debunked elsewhere and does not want to discuss it here, on the JFK Assassination Debate forum, because he knows how lame the arguments against it are.

For example, one of the people confirming Palmer McBride's recollection that "Lee Harvey Oswald" worked for Pfisterer Dental Lab after Sputnik 1 was launched by the Soviets (in October 1957) was Linda Faircloth, the general manager and president of Pfisterer, who was interviewed by John Armstrong in 1995.  Here is her interview:



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Ms. Faircloth's recollection of how the FBI descended on Pfisterer's the first day after the assassination and confiscated all the employment records of "Lee Harvey Oswald" is a familiar one in this sordid affair.  From Harvey and Lee:

The day after the assassination (Saturday morning) the FBI visited the Pfisterer
Dental Lab and interviewed the four partners who owned the company. Each of the
partners was taken to a different area and questioned individually. Each of the owners
were warned not to discuss the case with anyone or among themselves. All payroll and
other records pertaining to Oswald were taken by the FBI agents and never returned
(there were no Pfisterer records published in the Warren Volumes, none in the National
Archives, and the FBI claims to have no Pfisterer records in their files). After the origi­-
nal payroll records disappeared it was impossible for anyone to accurately determine the
dates of "Lee Harvey Oswald's" employment at Pfisterer's. If Oswald did work at
Pfisterer's in 1955, he could have worked there prior to his employment at Dolly Shoe
(March 12, 1955), or anytime after he was fired from Dolly Shoe (April 12, 1955). [H&L p. 117]

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Thanks for presenting actual evidence, Jim, as opposed to the opinions and polls we see from the other side.


Edited by Sandy Larsen

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