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Michael Clark

Nassau Conference 1995

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I am wondering what members and researchers think of the December, 1995 Nassau JFK Conference. Any criticisms, follow-ups or any other thoughts on this? I find it pretty interesting as I read through it.



The three day seminar produced the prospects of all participants meeting again, informally face-to-face, to discuss at a later time, many of the issues in Nassau, Bahamas. Invitations were to be open to anyone willing to attend. And so the process of historical exchange was initiated as was the exchange on the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

It was decided in Rio that a "one-on-one" meeting be held in Nassau with the Cubans. 

Without billing, fancy brochures, press conferences, book marts, and the frills of the agenda, a group of highly motivated individuals gathered to put their collective minds toward trying to resolve some of the issues surrounding the JFK assassination at Nassau. Three Cubans attended the meeting to report on what they had found in regards to Cuban documentation on several issues.  Carlos Lechuga, former Cuban diplomat, attended, as did two retired Cuban State Security officials,  General Fabian Escalante Font and  Arturo Rodriguez

Wayne Smith from the Center for International Studies acted as moderator. Others in attendance were: Gaeton Fonzi,  Jeremy Gunn (Council and Chief Investigator for the Assassination Review Board),  John Judge, Andy Kolis,  Peter Kornbluh * (National Security Archives), Mary and Ray LaFontaine*, Jim Lesar  (AARC), John NewmanAlan RogersDick RussellTony Summers, Russ Swickard, Peter Dale ScottEd SherryNoel Twyman  and Gordon Winslow. 
   *Attendance for one day only

AGENDA. The agenda was adhered to fairly well with many agenda questions fixed in advance. The sessions included the following topics, with about two hours set for each. Most exchanges ran over the time allotted. The topics were: 




4. EXILES. (Odio, gunrunning, other exiles, JM/WAVE)

5. OSWALD IN MEXICO CITY. (This included AM/LASH.) 

CUBAN RECORDS. There were no records produced by the Cubans to verify anything presented. When pressed on the availability of records, General Escalante said that there is no procedure set up within the Cuban Government to declassify any record. He speculated as to how Claudia Furiati obtained Cuban documents for publication in her book, ZR. "She probably wrote to the Cuban Government", he said. He has been permitted to look at any record he seeks, but is not permitted to make photocopies 

But in the Portuguese version of her book, ZR, there is a notorized affidavit by General Escalante Font that the State Security documents given to Mrs. Furiati are true and correct copies of the originals. [see her documents from  JFK MENU ]


Tape one  http://cuban-exile.com/doc_026-050/doc0027-1.html

Tape two   http://cuban-exile.com/doc_026-050/doc0027-2.html

Tape three   http://cuban-exile.com/doc_026-050/doc0027-3.html

Tape four   http://cuban-exile.com/doc_026-050/doc0027-4.html

Tape five   http://cuban-exile.com/doc_026-050/doc0027-5.html

Tape six   http://cuban-exile.com/doc_026-050/doc0027-6.html

Tape seven  http://cuban-exile.com/doc_026-050/doc0027-7.html

Tape  eight  http://cuban-exile.com/doc_026-050/doc0027-8.html


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The tapes were VHS and stationary. It was hard to distinguish who was speaking sometimes since they were out of frame and didn't introduce themselves. Oh, and Escalante chain smokes. :-) There's a lot of good information there. Especially the description of David Phillips as Harold Benson.

I transcribed the first tape. I think Mary Ferrell transcribed tape 2, Deb Conway transcribed a couple of them also. Nancy Wertz? Kathy Cunningham?  Mary and I exchanged our translations.


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