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David Lifton spots a piece of scalp in the Moorman photo.

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Thanks, Ray, for reading my posts and your comment.

Here is a mold of the head wound prepared by Tom Wilson. According to Don Phillips's book "A deeper, darker truth", Tom worked on this 3D representation of Kennedy's head wound, that he was able to see in Mary Moorman picture, for three months. Tom allegedly scanned the picture in a similar way as a CT or an MR would scan the brain. I would love to know what parameters of lighting and recording was Tom changing, obviously in some systematic manner.

The top panel shows the head wound (Tom's mold) whereby the missing space represents the lost tissue. This is a view posterior transversal view (as if you would have your eyes about behind the back of President's head and would look toward the wound. The right is on the right. The bottom panel is a 3D representation of the same wound (obtained from the same copy of Mary Moorman's picture) reconstructed from my experiments. 

Both reconstructions have a lot of common. There are two tunnels possibly due to two bullets or two fragments of one bullet, however, there is only so much detail one can extract from this image and it is also possible that one bullet caused one big wound with this geometry. The right tunnel is taller than the left tunnel but the left tunnel appears to be broader than the right tunnel. Both tunnels expand towards the rear. The two tunnels are separated by tissues which create a wall and that wall is orientated in about 15-20 degree angle toward the right.

If the two holes and the tunnels would be due to to particles (bullets or bullet fragments), the right particle would likely continue straight backward and the left particle would go leftward toward the two motorcycle officers riding at the left fender of President's limo.








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