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Anthony Thorne

NARA releases 3539 documents in the final release of 2017.

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The National Archives have released 3539 documents in their final release for 2017.  They start here.


If you follow the archive page numbers at the link, the new documents run up to page 85.

Many were previously withheld in full.  I saw (and read through) some William Harvey interview material.

There may be some potential goofs.  This document linked here is repeated over the final few pages seemingly dozens of times.


If interesting pieces pop up, I'll post what I encounter.


EDIT - Missed that this was already in the main topic thread.  Feel free to delete this one.


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An interesting release, if for no other reason but to reinforce the fact that Texas oil had a lot of business interest in Cuba:



The checks were backed by Francisco Sugar Company in the days leading up to Batista's ousting, a company that had merged with King Ranch in Texas, which had previously merged with Humble Oil.


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