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What is interesting to note is...The parade route, being reported by the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times Herald kept publishing different and conflicting parade routes.  So the only way Oswald could have been the shooter would be if he had prior knowledge of the president's motorcade route.  If Oswald did not know by Thursday morning that President Kennedy would pass the TSBD, Oswald obviously could not have planted his weapon and planned to shoot the president.  Some people assert that Oswald could have known the motorcade route as early as November 19, when it appeared in the Dallas papers.  However, neither Oswald nor any Dallas resident could have known the exact motorcade route, for it kept changing and conflicting accounts were published in local newspapers.  As of November 16, the Dallas Times Herald had not reported the presidential route.  Later, both the Dallas Morning News and the Times Herald carried information about a possible left turn onto Elm Street from Houston Street.  This, was simply conjecture.  Later, a completely different description of the route, saying the motorcade "will travel on Mockingbird Lane, Lemmon Avenue, Turtle Creek Boulevard, Cedar Springs, Harwood, Main and then Stemmons Freeway, with absolutely no mention of Houston-to-Elm route was published.  In fact, the motorcade route that appeared on the front page of the Morning News of November 22, the day of the President's visit, showed the president's car taking Main Street down to Stemmons Freeway, avoiding the cut-over to Elm Street altogether where Oswald was supposedly waiting.  So, if Oswald was relying on newspaper articles to determine where the president would be driving and also calculating where he needed to be in order to assassinate the president, he would have been completely confused.

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Ian Griggs said it is not true that you can put together the rifle with a coin in just a few minutes.

He tried to do it and he eventually gave up.

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