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Rich Pope

Storm Drain

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Someone mentioned in a post to me that a shot from the storm drain on Elm Street was a stretch of the imagination.  Currently, if one were to travel to Dallas and get into the storm drain, it would appear impossible to shoot the president from that vantage point.  However, if we bear in mind Elm Street has been paved and repaved many times since the assassination, (the most recent was for Oliver Stone's movie JFK), we realize the storm drain opening was much larger and a shot would not be impossible.  

This leads me to something, "Roselli bragged to the source, who was a made man in La Cosa Nostra, that Roselli had shot at and may have killed John Kennedy…Roselli and his men then finished the job from the sewer drain and the grassy knoll while the police and witnesses were running around like chickens with their heads cut off." – M. Wesley Swearingen, To Kill A President, 2008.

Investigators have noted that Dallas is full of underground tunnels and to get from the storm drain to the Trinity River only took 20 minutes when they were investigating the possibility.

Which brings us to a wonderful character, Jack Lawrence.  Who could have entered the storm drain here...




And easily exit the storm drain, here...



So, without too much imagination we can ponder that Lawrence made this way through the storm sewer and exited at the Trinity River.  He then went to work at the car dealership.  His boss related how Lawrence was filthy and disheveled.  "Lawrence went straight into the men's restroom and began vomiting uncontrollably.  The night before the assassination, he had borrowed a car from the dealership where he worked, to use on a date.  The next morning Lawrence was late to work, showing up without the car, clothes muddied, and out of breath.  When asked about the car, he told his boss that he had to park it because of all the traffic.  The car was later found to be parked behind the wooden picket fence on to of the Grassy Knoll."




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I’m pretty sure that the car being located behind the fence is a myth. It was, I believe,  near Commerce and Ervay; IRRC.

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I'm pretty sure the last time Elm was repaved in front of the TSBD was right before the 50th anniversary in 2013.  The city of Dallas didn't want some national or international photographer or film crew taking pictures of the two x's painted on the street where the first and last shots supposedly occurred.  Two weeks before the 50th I took my daughter to DP for her first trip there.  I (again) took pictures of the x's, from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll.  Then, during a lull in traffic I ran out to one of the x's (I don't remember which one) and zoomed in on the 6th floor "open" window and snapped a shot.  I still have the pictures.  I believe Jim D, Jeff Morley and/or others that attended the 2013 Lancer conference can verify the x's had a fresh coat of asphalt over them by the time of the City of Dallas joke of a ceremony on 11/22/13.

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