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Cory Santos

For the UFO people, John Lear's take on the alleged UFO video released.

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I stopped studying UFO phenomena when I realized it was a template for disinformation. Undoubtedly there is truth in there somewhere, but most of the spokespeople are either dupes or agents. 

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2 hours ago, Pamela Brown said:

 It is my thinking that the JFK assassination had aspects which were  coordinated between individuals in the US and individuals in the USSR and that this had to remain concealed.  It is my thinking that the tracking of LHO from both sides is evidence that this is what could have taken place.  

I also think Marina was, as James Hosty told me, some sort of a sleeper agent.  I think she knows much more than she has ever told us...



I'm sort of coming around to that position too. Reading through the Soviet documents we have makes me suspicious. They are so contradictory. Mostly it was that bit in Oswald's diary when he wrote that after six weeks of being incognito, he was visited by three guys he had never seen before. That just really made me go, hmmmm...


Marina's case is kind of weird. I was reading something the other day about her marriage to her second husband, the guy named Porter. They got married only about a month after meeting. That sounded an awful lot like her marriage to Lee Harvey - or Harvey Lee., or whoever.  *grin*


Steve Thomas 

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