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Rich Pope

I'm Going to Take a Break

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I've appreciated the chance to talk to a lot of really nice people on this forum.  I'm going to take a break.  Even though my older brother has the box with 1963 written on it, he's not speaking to me.  So, my younger brother sent him an email asking for the box.  All I can do is wait and hope.  All of you are great people and I love how you are keeping the assassination of JFK front and center in the eyes of the public.  It is such an important thing to let slip away.  God bless all of you.

Your friend,


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I don't understand.  I have seen your frenzy of posts recently.   You wrote a book.  About what?  You have yet to explain that.  Was it about JFK or something else?  If it was about JFK, what original research and content does your book add to the equation rather than just repeating claims like so many other books do now?

Did you see your dads box personally?  If so, did anyone take an inventory?  Obviously if something in there said 1963 when did you realize it might be relevant to the JFK issue?  Why did your brother take the box? 

Did your dad survive your mom?  Was there a will?

As a trial attorney, I find your story... from what I have read, leaving a lot of holes to answer.  Maybe that is unintentional.

Perhaps you can fill them in at some point.


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