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I started re-reading Mark Lane's "Plausible Denial" and "Last Word" yesterday. To my knowledge, I'm currently lacking any books specific to E Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and Marita Lorenz, but have found some articles online that I plan to print and study in the next few days. I want to order and read the book by Hunt's son. I've heard some of their stories before but am going back over everything again and wanted to give Hunt further consideration. When I first read "Plausible Denial" and "Last Word", I don't think I was aware of Hunt's alleged confession. Now that I am, I'm going to go back and reconsider the story and these individuals carefully.

So, before I start digging in, I was curious about everyone's opinion on E Howard Hunt and his possible involvement.

I seem to remember H. R. Haldeman saying that Nixon's reference to any possible investigation of Hunt was that it (a close governmental investigation of Hunt) could open up the "whole Bay of Pigs thing", which in Haldeman's opinion was a veiled reference to the JFK assassination.

Does information from the Liberty Lobby lawsuit line up with Hunt's confessions, or is there conflicting information that makes Hunt's confessions suspect?

Any casual insight, or recommendations for further reading is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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