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Lee Bowers Accident

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I realize the death of Lee Bowers is only one of many witnesses who died under questionable circumstances documented by Jim Marrs in Crossfire and others, to Hit List by Belzer & Wayne.  The probabilities of the number of them have been well analyzed, e.g. Richard Charnin in Reclaiming Science.  For several years I've thought Bowers was near the top of the list of importance of them.

That admission by his widow to Penn Jones, "they told him not to talk" makes me wonder.  When was he first told not to talk?  By who?  On 11/22/63?  For reasons of National Security?  Before his Warren Omission testimony?  He seems obviously stymied in it.  Two years later he spoke to Mark lane on camera.  

Four months later he veered or was ran off the road into a bridge embankment.  His brother attributed it to allergies trying to get the insurance company to pay on the Life Insurance policy Lee had taken out a year or so before.  They both had allergies he said.  Maybe he passed out from antihistamine's was proffered. Mabye he had a sneezing fit was also.  The insurance company didn't want to pay because they thought he might have committed suicide. Okay.

No investigation other than "unofficial' by his friend Texas Department of Public Safety officer Good.  Why?  LBJ was still president then, Connally was still Governor, ? 

Is there a more important eyewitness?

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A document regarding researchers an Witnesses, including Mark Lane, Jean Hill, Lee Bowers and Warren Reynolds.

"On March 28, 1966, Lee E. Bowers, Jr., 1923 view crest, Dallas, Texas, telephone DA-7-2528, telephonically advised the Dallas office of the FBI that one Robert Blake had approached him on March 26, 1966, concerning the making of a film on the assassination of President Kennedy. Powers advised that he did not have time to talk to Blake at the time of the approach and that Blake was supposed to reconnect him later."

Bowers died on August 9. 4 months later.






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I wonder if Blake might not have been an advance man for Lane?  I know Lanes interview of Bowers was in 66. I thought about 4 months before his "accident".  I can't believe I started a thread on Lee Bowers and never linked Mark Lane's interview of him.


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