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Michael Clark

CIA Cryptonym research

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20 - 6

15 - 5.  Brussels


Subject: Belitskiy,  Boris Yefimovitch.   "Russian official who was at the Brussels World Fair"; "Head of British Division of Radio Moscow". Father worked for AMTORG in the 1920's.

Mention of: Alexander Dolberg.

Cryptos: CKACTIVE (not in MFF list)

Another Document, part of it is exactly as the Doc above, indicates a different location code,  ( 16 - ??, ?) where we see 20 - 6, above.


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AMAUTO-1 according to MFF.... 

Orestes Guillermo Ruiz-Perez was a Cuban official and a Cuban intelligence officer. He was also the cousin-in-law of Cuban exile leader Antonio Veciana Blanch. [status: Probable] 







One of these two are female. P. 28














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On 6/28/2018 at 11:18 AM, David Josephs said:

No doubt Paul....  for this paper and this moment, these associations have been offered...

I'm surprised that LITAMIL/9's real name is listed...  any idea when these docs were created?, (EDIT: FEB 1978)

as he was on the edge a great deal of the time and was burnt out by the mid 60's...  he was regularly seen as THE greatest source of info from inside that embassy and for the social activities of AZCUE...



That is excellent David, CHOADEN (David Phillips) recently came up in a document I recently shared; now I have to find it.

I am reading "AMTREDGE / 1" next to the picture.

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