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James DiEugenio

The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

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Concerning Oswald, and how the WC made him into anything they needed:  I will never forget a seminar in Chicago at which both Burt Griffin and Bob Tanenbaum spoke.

Griffin said his usual WC nonsense: the evidence against Oswald was strong.  But he also added they was hesitant about wrongly accusing certain people in a plot.

During Griffin's talk I just happened to glance over at Tanenbaum who had his head in his hand and was almost grimacing most of the time.

When Bob got up to speak, one of the things he did was to mock the above comment by saying  "No, no, no, we don't want to accuse anyone, in case we're wrong. But there's always Lee Harvey Oswald, and we can do anything in Hades that we want to him."

Which is utterly true and pretty much sums up why they did.

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