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Emilio Americo Rodrigues

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So here’s a pretty interesting link to LHO.

Tony Sforza worked for David Morales. Emilio Rodriguez worked for Sforza. Emilio’s brother was Arnesto who knew Oswald.

Emilio A. Rodriguez (AMIRE-1) and Tony Sforza (AMRYE-1) were part of the CIA’s stay behind operation (AMRYE) after the US left Cuba. Other stay behind people were Frank Belsito and Ralph Seehafer (Dave McLane in his Western Hemisphere report failed to mention Rodriguez and Sforza. An over site?? http://documents.theblackvault.com/documents/jfk/NARA-Oct2017/2018/104-10301-10001.pdf

From Mary Ferrell’s site contributed by Bill Simpich and John Newman concerning Tony Sforza (AMRYE-1):

“This is another of the CIA’s most closely guarded cryptonyms. To break it requires knowing the life story of Tony Sforza and his aliases—Henry Sloman, Frank Stevens, and Alfred Sarno–a subject covered at some length in Where Angels Tread Lightly, especially Appendix Three. Sforza’s work with AMPARCH-1 (Warren Frank, AKA Edward Knapman) and AMIRE-1 (Emilio Rodriguez, AKA Peter Digerveno) together first in Havana, and afterward at JMWAVE, as well as his tempestuous relationship with AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco “Pancho” Varona) makes possible the concrete identifications of these three men with their CIA cryptonyms. CIA documents establish that AMRYE-1 ran the AMRYE net, the principal stay-behind net in Cuba after the break in relations in January 1961, and that he received a huge amount of assistance from AMIRE-1 (Emilio Rodriguez). In CIA cable traffic associated with exfiltrations at that time, Sforza appears simply as “Henry,” who is later the “Henry Sloman” in JMWAVE documents. Tony Sforza’s cover pseudonym for public consumption was Frank Stevens.”

John Newman and Alan Kent


Some good discussion of Sforza


Sforza and Rodriguez spent time in jail in Cuba before exfiltrating to Miami

JMWave investigation the assassination.

“I recall that Mr. Anthony Sforza, AMOT case officer, told me later that he had received specific instructions from Shackley about how the AMOT service was to go about aiding in the investigation.”


On the AMOTS

“B. The AMOTS and the JURE - I satisfied myself in talking to Tony Sforza that the AMOTS in general are politically opposed to the JURE and that the reporting of this group, to which AMTAUP/2 belongs must be considered in light of its prejudices and lack of objectivity insofar as the JURE is concerned.”


Sforza and EAR getting a medal


David Cordova aka Emilio Americo Rodrigues admitted DOA from Dulles Airport


Doctor was a CIA contract employee!




Both getting drivers ID


EAR from contract to career agent


Fitzgerald signs off


EAR biographical info


EAR cover info





JMWave report


Brother Arnesto -  As a friend of Oswald. Has tapes of LHO





Warren Commission (spelling is wrong)


As a PSI





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Posted (edited)

Not documented - Morales, Sforza and Rodriguez were involved in the hunt for Che. Rodrigues was with Oswald in New Orleans.

Edited by David Boylan

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42 minutes ago, David Boylan said:

Not documented - Morales, Sforza and Rodrigues were involved in the hunt for Che. Rodrigues was with Oswald in New Orleans.

David - I will get to all these links soon. A little busy this weekend. Wonder if Emilio and Arnesto Rodriguez are related to Jose Antonio Casas Rodrigues, the subject of the CIA interview I started a thread on. Common name I know.

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A little bit more on Tony Sforza aka Henry Sloman, EAR's supervisor:

"One such man, known in CIA dispatches only by his cover name, Henry J. Sloman, had by 1970 spent more than twenty years operating in disguise throughout Latin America, Europe, and Asia. His cover was impeccable: he was considered by his associates to be a professional gambler and a high-risk smuggler who was directly linked to the Mafia. When Sloman retired, in 1975, he had been inside CIA headquarters in Washington fewer than a dozen times in his career, occasionally meeting high-level officials there on Sunday to avoid the possibility of chance observation by other CIA operatives. He was a fabled figure inside the Agency: there was repeated talk of his participation in “wet ops”—those involving the shedding of blood. He was well known to Helms, who awarded him at least two CIA medals for his undercover exploits, which included other operations—mostly in Southeast Asia—that, Sloman says, were staged expressly on Kissinger’s orders."


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Posted (edited)

Ended up going down this rabbit hole.

There’s a lot going on in this doc.


I had to read it maybe 6-7 times. Some takeaways:

“Frank” aka Frank Stevens aka “Enrique” is Tony Sforza. Sforza was involved in getting Fidel’s sister Juanita Castro to defect and exfiltrate from Cuba.


“That ‘Frank’ had certain responsibilities re Juanita Castro is very true. "Frank" was fundamentally responsible for the defection of Juanita Castro although Mr.  VARONA furnished the lead. The "Frank"/' Juanita Castro relationship is now quasi-legendary.”

“He did not fumble the very difficult handling of this controversial person. Mr. VARONA would have been in no position to know the load placed upon "Frank" by the Agency in trying to gain operational mileage from Miss Castro. Re : the information that "Frank" was in possession of information which could have resulted in the assassination of Fidel Castro, the following comment must be made: This refers to the Plan RAPHAEL which involved Mr. VARONA's brother. "Frank" was not the Case Officer on this operation, although he had originally recruited Mr. VARONA's brother in Cuba prior to his exfiltration. The Case Officer for the RAPHAEL operation, if one considers that there was a case officer, would have been Stephen P. Mangello.”

Emilio Rodriguez handled VARONA before handing him over to Sforza.

“…when Mr. VARONA arrived in the Florida area during March 1962, he was met by his Havana Case Officer: ”Frank" who continued to handle him until August 1962, at which time he was turned over to the Greek Case Officer he refers to. The Greek Case Officer handled him for approximately three years. Along about 1965, the Greek Case Officer turned Mr. VARONA over to Mr. Al McQuade aka Fred who handled Mr. VARONA until May 1968, at which time he was '-turned over to “Pepe'' introduced by "Frank" who served as an intermediary because of his previous connection with Mr. VARONA.”

The “Greek Case Officer” was most likely Thomas Karamessines.

“Re Mr., VARONA’s statement that the Cuban who holds the highest position for the Agency in Miami and who works directly for “Frank” is one Joaquin SANGENIS: this is again is embellishment. Mr. VARONA as obviously known for some years that Mr. SANGENIS heads the AMOT Organization. This is one of the WH/Miami Station’s several projects.”

Sforza was going to be arrested the night of the Bay of Pigs invasion:

“The night of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Internal Service sent agents to the ASPRU home to pick up "Frank”. One colored and one white servant were at home at that time and they told the DSE agents that "Frank" was "a gay blade" and would not be home until early the next morning. The DSE left the residence leaving behind a note for "Frank” to report to their headquarters the following morning. In this context, it should be noted that "Frank's" cover in Cuba during the period in question was that of a professional gambler; a cover which served him well during most of his service there. “

Sforza aka Henry Sloman was hiding in Carlos TEPEDINO’s father home April 18-21, 1961. Tepedino (AMCLATTER-1) was very close to Rolando CUBELA (AMLASH-1). Sforza and Rodriguez were early recruiters of Cubela.



I believe this is the document that Ponchay (Jake Esterline) was referring to.


Was this Plan Rafael?




Sforza checking on AMCROAK-1


Emilio as contact for AMPANIC-7




Edited by David Boylan

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Posted (edited)

The Greek may have been Joannides

Edited by Paul Brancato

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Sfroza and Rodriguez getting office space with Morales (Zamka) - https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=41125#relPageId=2&tab=page

Both requesting clearance so they can work with Morales - https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=41115#relPageId=2&tab=page

Going to work for Zamka/Morales https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=41126#relPageId=2&tab=page

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Posted (edited)

Dave who was it that LHO allegedy asked to teach him Spanish? Was it Arnesto? Thanks for all of this! Also, do we have a photo ID of Sforza? (I bet Richards does lol)

Edited by B. A. Copeland

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LHO did approach Arnesto at the Berlitz school about Spanish lessons. I bet there is a photo out there with Sforza, Morales and Rodriguez celebrating Che's death.

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New Orleans.


February 14, 1967





On, February 13, Jim Alcock and I interviewed Mr. ERNESTO [sic]
RODRIGUEZ at the Berlitz School of Languages, located at 1205
St. Charles Street. MR. RODRIGUEZ was very cooperative and
said that he would help us in any way he possibly could.

Upon showing him the "Crusade to Free Cuba" letterhead, he
said he was a member of the city-wide committee which was
primarily formed to solicit funds to finance the Cuban cause.
He said that most of the American names that appeared on the
letterhead were mainly put on there in an effort to make the
crusade appear to be more respectable and legitimate and was
primarily used to solicit funds. He said they did not take a
very active part in the entire crusade.

Upon showing him BRINGUIER's proclamation, he said that he did
not know much about the groups on the proclamation and that the
person to contact about then would be CARLOS BRINGUIER. He
suggested that we contact MR. ORLANDO PIEDRA who worked for
the Cuban Intelligence Force and may be able to furnish us
with some files on various Cubans. He did say that all of
the groups, in his opinion, are non-existent today. He said
that BRINGUIER was delegate for the Student Directorate and
LOUIS BRETO was a delegate for Alpha 66. He said Breto,
however, is back in Miami. He says QUIROGA was very active in
the organization and closely associated with ARCACHA SMITH.
He said ARCACHA SMITH, however, turned out to be a bad hombre.
He suggested that we contact CARLOS DELAVEGA who may be able
to give us some valuable information. He said that he
remembers RICARDO DAVIS very well and that, in his opinion,
RICARDO DAVIS was a little bit crazy.

He remembers DAVIS trying to get him to go into partnership
with him to manufacture kites. It seems RICARDO DAVIS had a
plan for a new type of kite which he thought would make a lot
of money. When RODRIGUEZ refused to enter the partnership,
RICARDO DAVIS became very angry and they had an argument and
their friendship ended. After that RICARDO DAVIS went to
Puerto Rico with his wife who was a native of Venezuela,
and stayed there for a while and then returned to the U. S.
It seems that RICARDO DAVIS went to Puerto Rico to go to work
for some people who had an operation similar to the S&H Green 
Stamps operation.

He says he that he knows that OSWALD knew about the camps across
the lake as OSWALD had talked to BRINGUIER about the camps.
He said OSWALD came to the Berlitz School of Language on
one occasion and attempted to talk to him about the possi-
bility if taking a language course and about Cuba in general.
He told OSWALD that he was very busy at the time and that if
he would return at a later date they could sit down and discuss
the entire situation. OSWALD, however, never returned.

page 2

He said that the could not ascertain from his conversation with
OSWALD whether OSWALD was pro or anti-CASTRO. He did say that
the FBI talked to him about the incident only a day or two
after the assassination. He said ORLANDO PIEDRA was
trying to locate CARLOS MARQUEZ' files which contained pass-
ports and information on many Cubans. He said that he had
heard that ARCACHA had taken some of the files. He said that
he does not know where ARCACHA is at the present time. He says
that he remembers FERRIE very well as he was such a
funny looking man and most of the Cubans regarded him as a big

FERRIE was supposed to be trying to start a small commando
group and used to hold classes in his apartment. The Cubans
knew that FERRIE had been fired from Eastern Airlines because
of his homosexual tendencies and they believed that the only
reason he wanted to start a commando group was to lure young
men into his apartment.

He says that RICARDO DAVIS was one of the people who set up
the camp across the lake and that he remembers that at one
time there were two Cubans from Miami looking for DAVIS to kill
him. It seems that RICARDO DAVIS had taken the money which
was supposed to be spent for food and purchased very cheap
food such as red beans and rice and kept the difference himself.
He said that these people from Miami were serious as they had
a gun on them. He says that he knows that ARCACHA and FERRIE
were closely connected as they were together on many occasions.

He said that MANUEL GIL should be contacted as he was very
active in the "Crusade to Free Cuba." He also said that he
can remember that at one of the meetings there was an argument
between RONNIE CAIRE and some of the Cubans over the way that
the finances were being expended. It seems there was a
complaint that the money was being used to pay ARCACHA's
personal debts. He said that he had heard from some Cubans
that OSWALD went in the Trade Mart subsequent to the time that
he distributed leaflets in the street. He said, however, that
he had no idea of where he could have gone.

He said that one thing that appeared funny to him was that at
one time OSWALD was soliciting funds for his "Fair Play for
Cuba" outfit and that his address for the outfit was 544 Camp
Street, and that ARCACHA SMITH's address also was 544 Camp

He said the FBI showed him a photograph of OSWALD dis-
tributing leaflets and that they were trying to identify a
Cuban fellow in the picture who had his back to the camera.
They told him that the fellow in the picture fit the descrip-
tion of a person who was seen with OSWALD on a shooting range
in Dallas, Texas. Mr. RODRIGUEZ could not identify the Cuban.

He said that BRINGUIER and DAVIS knew FERRIE and also thought
that FERRIE was a jerk. He said that BRINGUIER was very anti-
CASTRO and was in the process of writing a book which he
believes will hypothesize that LEE HARVEY OSWALD was a CASTRO


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21 hours ago, David Boylan said:


LHO did approach Arnesto at the Berlitz school about Spanish lessons. I bet there is a photo out there with Sforza, Morales and Rodriguez celebrating Che's death.

Oh my goodness....thats who I thought it was and what do ya know Dave, check this out:



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