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Here's a small piece of information that can help understand CIA Cryptonyms.  Each CIA cryptonym contains a two character prefix called a digraph, which designates a geographical or functional area.  The rest is an arbitrary dictionary word.  For example, the two letter prefix MK stands for CIA Technical Services Division (1950s/1960s).  Ultra is simply an arbitrary dictionary word.  MKULTRA was mind control research.  It was renamed MKSEARCH in 1964.

Sometimes the cryptonym can refer to an overall project or to a single person.  So, QJWIN (QJ/WIN) could stand for a European assassin or it could stand for the program that recruits assassins for the CIA.

That becomes evidence if you ever see QJWIN, QJWIN1, QJWIN2 etc...The numbers after the cryptonym indicates a different person within the program.



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