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Adrian Newton

JFK Assassination Questions

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1. Can someone point me in the direction of any research in to possible Stock Market trades prior to the assassination of JFK.

2. Can someone point me in the direction of any research into the TSBD, Business (tax records etc) and employee records of firms located within the building at the time of the assassination.

3. Has anyone in the ARRB ever explained the FBI reports at Bethesda of possible surgery prior to the autopsy? There is some confirmation that this happened with a memo, I believe in the Harold Weisberg archive, relating to a individual considered a non person on account of his colour.

4. Dr Mantik has mentioned stereo pictures showing what seems to be 2d fraud on a stereoscopic image. I presume these pictures are less garish than those already printed of Kennedy. If so, why are they not released?

5. Why has no one released improved scans of the Zupruder film to the public. Is there some legal reason preventing this?

6. The has been some mention of Architecture Drawings of Dealey Plaza, used by the Warren Commission. Jim Marrs has mentioned two versions of these, the originals and the ones amended. I'm aware of a copy on the internet, but it is quality is poor. Does anyone have access to more detailed scans of both copies? I feel a Open Source 3d model of Dealey Plaza is required.........

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