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This is 429 pages long. Takes quite a while to load. I haven't read the whole thing but there is lots going on here. On page 22 Nagell gives a description of Leopoldo and "Wrangell" to Jones Harris. Claims that Ferrie knew them both. Also claims that Leon Oswald was alive on Sept 14 or 15 but NOT alive after Sept 19, 1963. Claimed there were 3 plots:

1. Dec 1962 Miami Armory

2. June 1963 L.A. Beverly Hilton

3. September 26th Washington


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I don't know if I've ever read more extended bs than Ferrie and Marcello's attorney G Wray Gill spew's at Ferrie's non hearing with Eastern Airlines.

Sergio Aracha Smith, who I just mentioned in another thread comes up here as well, multiple times.

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